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Top 10 Best Bud Trimmer Machines 2018 – Bud Trimming Machine Reviews & Guide

Trimmed bud - best bud trimmer machines

Welcome to this review of the 10 best bud trimmer machines for 2018. Bud trimmers come in all shapes and sizes, so we hope you'll see exactly what you need below. And we've got a buyer's guide for you to help you choose from the many options on offer. We'll also cover how to trim by hand, for those with just a few plants to trim.

Now that your harvest has grown healthy and strong, you need to trim your bud. Some people swear by hand trimming, but when you have a lot of bud sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience to go through that process. It’s time to invest in a bud trimmer machine. But how do you choose which bud trimmer is the best for you and your needs?

Best Bud Trimming Machines - Buyer's Guide

This is your complete guide to everything you need to know about trimming your bud and all of the benefits bud trimmers can offer. To help you choose the right bud trimmer for you, our pick of the 10 best bud trimmer machines covers hand powered and electric machines of different sizes for small, medium and larger crop sizes.

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But first, here's our complete buyer's guide...

Why Trim Your Bud?

Trimmed bud - best bud trimmer machines

Although there is an ever-running debate in the cannabis community over whether hand trimming or utilizing the efficiency of a bud trimmer machine is best for your plants, there is no doubt that there are many reasons to trim your bud. The appearance of trimmed bud is much more aesthetically pleasing. Well-manicured weed is what we are used to seeing in photographs online and in magazines. Trimming off the excess gives all of the nugs a uniformed look as well.

Trimming also affects your experience when smoking or using a vaporizer. Leaves are extremely harsh on the lungs and throat. So if you leave the leaves on your bud you will not have a smooth smoke. Manicured buds have a more uniformed moisture content during the curing process, which gives a more even and flavorful experience.

Sugar leaves that are found on your buds, even the ones that are encrusted in trichomes, are low in THC. This results in a lower THC per gram when the leaves are left intact. But these sugar leaves do not have to go to waste. Many growers will process their trimmings to extract any remaining THC. What is extracted can be used for edibles, hash, butters, oils, etc.

When to Trim Your Bud: Wet or Dry?

Many cannabis growers will tell you the best time to trim your bud is wet and others will argue that it is ideal to do it when dry. Some will say that it doesn't matter. But dry and wet trimming each have their pros and cons to consider.

Trimming while your cannabis is wet results in more precise cuts. This results in a much more manicured appearance. Growers that prefer to trim by hand will find this method of trimming the easiest. When your weed is wet the sugar leaves do not stick to the plant, which makes removing them much simpler.

Dry trimming is when you wait to trim your buds until after they have fully dried. This will extend the drying process, as untrimmed bud takes much longer to dry. Those in areas with less humidity will benefit from this method, due to it being a longer drying process.

Dry trimming preserves a more vibrant color of your weed and leaves it more aromatic. Trimming dry is more difficult because when the leaves dry they curl in instead of sticking straight out. This makes getting a precise cut very difficult. Growers who use bud trimmer machines will have an easier time dry trimming.

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A Guide to Hand Trimming

If you have a very small harvest, you may not wish to invest in a bud trimmer machine and want to try hand trimming. This is a lengthy process but don’t worry we have you covered. Here is a quick guide of all the steps you need to perfectly manicure your bud by hand, with some expert tips thrown in.

Get Prepared

The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies. For hand trimming you will need:

  • A pair of very sharp scissors: These will be used for the actual trimming process. You want to look for a pair of scissors with a very sharp, pointy end. Curved blades help with shaping too. Keeping a few extra pairs on hand is a good idea. This will allow you to quickly switch them out when a pair becomes sticky with resin and continue your trimming process. This can also prevent a single pair from becoming dull quickly.
  • A pair of tough scissors or large shears: You will use these to cut the branches. It is important to use a separate pair of scissors for this to keep your trimming scissors sharp. The sharper your trimming scissors, the more precise your cuts will be.
  • 3 Containers: Most growers use three flat, non-absorbent products, such as cookie sheets. Many manufacturers sell specialty trimming trays as well. You need three so you have one for the uncut bud, one for the trimmings, and one for the freshly cut bud. This will help to keep you organized and will make moving your product easy.
  • Dress appropriately: Either wear something you don’t mind ruining or wear an apron. If you are choosing the apron option, a silk apron is best as resin will not stick to silk.
  • Rubber Gloves: Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from becoming sticky and covered in resin.

TIP: If you do not have rubber gloves available and you end up performing the trimming process with bare hands, you can remove the leftover sticky residue with rubbing alcohol, coconut oil, or olive oil.

Set Up Your Trimming Area

Now it is time to set up the area that you will be trimming in. You want to pick somewhere that you will be comfortable, as this will be a lengthy process. Make sure you have dedicated a good chunk of time to focus on trimming so you don’t feel rushed and end up doing an inadequate job.

Choose a large cleared table to set up your three containers. It is best that you position this table over a non-carpeted area. This will make your cleanup process so much easier, because no matter how careful you are sticky leaves will fall onto the floor.

TIP: To make it seem like the process is going faster, turn on some entertainment that doesn’t involve your visual attention. This can be an audiobook, some good music, or a podcast. Even watching reruns of your favorite show will work, as long as you don’t have to look up very often.

Step By Step Instructions

Now that you are all set up and comfortable, it is time to start trimming. If you are trimming your plants wet, you would use all these steps. However, if you are trimming your plants after they have dried, then you would begin at Step 2 after completing the drying process.


Begin by cutting a manageable branch off of your plant. If you cut one branch to work with at a time, this can help stop you from becoming overwhelmed and makes it easy to stop if you find you need to in the middle of your trimming process. But some growers prefer to cut multiple branches at a time and bring them to their work area to keep them focused. It all depends on your preference.

TIP: You do not have to do all of your trimming in one day. If you are trimming before drying, the process can be done over the course of a few days, as long as the bud has not been removed from the plant.


The next step is to cut excess branches and to trim the stem. You want to cut the stem at the bottom as short as possible without disturbing the bud. Then you want to remove the branches called the crow’s feet. They get their name from looking like bird’s feet or little pitchforks.


Remove the large fan leaves with your fingers. These leaves will be easily removed from the stem. Fan leaves usually do not have any trichomes so you can throw them away or keep them separately from your other trimmings if you are planning on processing them.


Trim the sugar leaves. Sugar leaves are the small leaves that you can see after removing the large fan leaves, but the stem is usually hidden. You don't need to completely remove these leaves, just trim them. If the entire leaf is left on the bud, it will result in a harsh smoking or vaporizing experience.

The best technique to trim these leaves is to angle the scissors towards the bud and to keep moving them to ensure a precise cut. Curved blade scissors help here too, as they make the angles easier. Avoid cutting the bud itself, especially if you are trimming wet, because this will slow the drying process.

TIP: Set a standard or target for yourself while you are cutting your bud. This will stop you from constantly checking and rechecking your work, which can extend this already lengthy process.

TIP: Keep the sugar leaves, as they contain a good amount of trichomes. They can be processed to make great hash, butters, tinctures, oils, etc.

Benefits of Using a Bud Trimmer Machine

As you read above, trimming by hand is a lengthy process that involves a lot of tools, time, and patience. This is why manufactures began to make machines to trim the bud for us. They can get the job done quicker than trimming by hand, making them much more efficient.

A mechanical bud trimmer allows for faster processing, which results in you being able to use and/or distribute your product quicker. Which means that for those with a large scale operation, they also offer a large return on investment, ROI. This is very appealing when considering the high cost of hiring professional trimmers.

The innovative technology of the newer bud trimmer machines allows them to manicure your plants gently and uniformly. These machines come in many different sizes and types, providing an option that will work for your needs and harvest size.

They’re neater too. Trimming machines create much less mess than trimming by hand. These machines contain all the excess trimmings in one area. You don’t have to worry about being covered in sticky residue or getting it all over your work space.

The Case for Hand Trimming

However, although bud trimmer machines have advanced over the past few years, some growers still swear by hand trimming.

This is because they do not like the fact that most machines cut uniformly. If a machine doesn’t come with adjustable blades, it does not give you the option to customize the cut. A machine without different blade options could potentially cut off pieces of your nugs because different strains are different shapes and sizes.

Another complaint that growers have is that these machines are taking away jobs. Many people are employed as hand trimmers and they are now being replaced by high quality, industrial machines.

Others in the cannabis community just don’t believe the machines do as neat of a job. They believe that careful hand trimming always gives the best results.

Although this is sometimes true, especially with older machines, new technology works very gently to cut your bud precisely to ensure a well- manicured appearance.

Types of Bud Trimmer Machines

There are so many bud trimmer machines to choose from on the market and most of them fall into a few particular categories, such as a bowl trimmer, tumbler trimmer, hand held trimmer, or large barrel trimmer.

A bowl trimmer works by placing your bud into the bowl under the lid. You then close the bowl and turn the handle on the top of the lid. When the handle is turned the blades inside the trimmer begin to move and gently remove the excess leaves on your bud.

A tumbler trimmer (or tumble trimmer) works by placing the buds inside the container, which can be a bladeless mesh, and having the machine rotate. While your bud is rotating, the leaves are caught in the mesh or blades and break off. Bladeless options are a very gentle way of trimming your cannabis and cause very little disruption to your buds.

Hand held trimmers utilize the power of suction to perfectly manicure your cannabis. They suck the leaves away from your nug without distressing it. This type of bud trimmer machine also gives you much more control since you are guiding it, controlling the speed.

The last type of bud trimmer machine is a large barrel trimmer. After you load the machine with your untrimmed bud, they are pushed into the barrel and are spun around inside. While they are spinning, the blades gently cut away any excess. Once your bud is manicured, most machines will push them out into a collection container.

What to Look For in a Bud Trimmer Machine

All of the options available for bud trimmer machines may be overwhelming, but there are some things that you should consider to choose the best one for you. Think about the size of harvest you have and if you are planning to expand. If you are starting small but plan to grow larger crops in the future, for instance, you will want to purchase a larger unit to avoid having to invest in another machine in a short period.

The type of bud trimmer machine is another thing to consider while looking for your perfect trimmer. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you want an electric trimmer or manual one? Will a bowl trimmer be big enough for your needs? Also, make sure the trimmer you choose will work for your preferred type of trimming. Will it work on wet cannabis or dry or both?

Another thing to consider is how much you want to spend. You should set a budget and stick to it. Bud trimmers are an investment but usually pay for themselves within the first few uses.

Other things to think about:

Do the trimmers give the option to customize the blades? This will allow you to change them based on the strain you are processing.

Also does the bud trimmer machine include any added accessories? An extra pair of scissors is always useful for any little touch ups that may be needed.

Top 10 Best Bud Trimmer Machines (2018) - Bud Trimming Machine Reviews

Now that you know everything about trimming bud and the type of bud trimmer machines that are out there, here are our top picks for the best bud trimmer machines available. Our cannabis trimming machine reviews cover models for every harvest size and many different types of machines, so you should find one to suit your preference.


SpinPro Hand Trimmer

The SpinPro Hand Trimmer is a non-electric, manual bowl trimmer that helps you trim your cannabis in a fraction of the time it would take to hand trim them.

The simplicity of this design makes this trimmer easy to operate. You simply crank the handle, which moves the x-shaped wire at a high speed. This wire cuts away any excess leaves and you are left with nicely manicured buds. The leaves are deposited into a high quality, stainless steel bowl at the bottom of the machine.

All SpinPro Hand Trimmer parts are dishwasher safe, making cleaning this device simple. It is very lightweight and portable because it does not need electricity. All of the rubber parts are made of high quality, food grade rubber.

This trimmer is ideal for a grower who is only interested in small harvests and wants to give a bud trimmer machine a try.

iPower Bud Trimmer - GL TRIM BOWL 16M 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer

iPower is a name usually associated with top grow lights and grow tents, but they also have many other quality accessories as well, like this 16” bowl trimmer. This powerful, manual unit is able to work to the same capacity as 30 pairs of trimming scissors, while being much more effective.

The blades of this bowl trimmer are sharp enough to precisely trim your bud without any damage being done. Just be sure to not spin too quickly or fill the bowl with too much bud, as this can damage the sharp edges of the blades.

A user-friendly design makes this bowl trimmer very easy to operate and clean. It has a transparent lid so you can easily keep an eye on the trimming process. And the top handle can easily be removed to allow for the trimmer to be stored in small spaces.

This trimmer comes with one wire blade and two replacement blades. For the quality of this product and the amount of time and energy it will save you, it is very cost effective.

Growers who are interested in only growing a few plants at a time and having small harvests will benefit the most from this product.

Growsun 19-inch Bud Trimmer Spin Cut Leaf Trimmer

This Growsun Leaf Trimmer can quickly do the job of trimming your plants—it makes the same claims as the iPower of replacing 30 pairs of scissors—but it is a larger unit.

It is another manual bowl trimmer with a transparent lid, which makes it easy to ensure that your precious plants are being cut correctly. It also gives you adjustable blades, so you are able to customize the cut depending on the size and shape of your bud.

The durable, stainless steel metal bowl will catch all of the excess leaves for easy clean up and extraction. And a solid metal gear box should keep this trimmer moving for a long time.

For the small scale cannabis grower, this bud trimmer machine is a great choice for the price.

The Clean Cut M-9000S Series Bowl Leaf Trimmer

The Clean Cut M-9000S Bowl Leaf Trimmer is a powerful little machine. It has adjustable blades to cut longer or shorter depending on your needs. The non-stick, silicone fingers don’t hold any odors and will protect your bud from picking up smells that could transfer (machines that have rubber fingers can give your buds a rubber smell).

This trimmer is easy to assemble and take apart, making it portable and easy to clean. It has a clear top, a solid metal gear box, and a solid metal crankshaft. A razor and serrated blade is also included.

The Clean Cut trimmer comes in three different colors: black, green, and blue. It’s a durable product, but there is an 18 month warranty in case anything goes wrong.

This is a great product for the hobbyist grower looking for a professional alternative to hand trimming a small number of marijuana plants.


EZTRIM Wander Trimmer - Best Hand Trimmer

EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer - bud trimmer

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The Wander by EZTrim gives you all of the precision of hand trimming with the efficiency of a commercial bud trimmer machine.

Saving you 60-80% of your time and money when compared to using scissors, this electric trimmer gives you complete control when manicuring your plants. You are able to adjust the vacuum speed depending on the size of the bud you are trimming. For a smaller bud, use a lower suction to avoid damaging the flower.

Although EZTrim recommends running the blades at half speed, that is another part of this trimmer that you can customize as well.

This efficient tool works with suction. It sucks the leaves away from the bud and the interior blades remove excess leaves without damaging or disturbing the bud. Compared to hand trimming, the process is made easy and effortless.

The Wander hooks up to any wet or dry vacuum with easy to assemble parts. Moreover, all of the parts are replaceable and if anything goes wrong EZTrim offers a 1 year warranty.

This trimmer is a great choice for making the trimming process much easier for medium and large harvests.

Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900 - Best Dry Trimmer

This heavy duty, top dry tumbler trimmer is meant for the serious grower, as it can cut one pound of bud in seven minutes and twelve pounds every hour.

For a grower thinking they may expand to a larger amount of cannabis plants later, this trimmer is a great choice as it is meant for medium to large harvests.

Weighing only twenty-two pounds this trimmer is easy to assemble, portable and easy to transport. The trimmer includes a drum, two different sized nets, and zippers, and the only additional accessory you may want to purchase is a catch box.

The durable motor has the ability to adjust the rotational speed. It is bladeless and utilizes the mesh nets to gently catch and trim the sugar leaves, preserving the crystals and leaving the bud intact.

CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer 3-Speed

The CO-Z is able to tilt 180 degrees, making clean up and loading simple and easy. The hatch can be opened while the trimmer is on, so that continued use is possible and you are able to optimize efficiency.

The stainless steel blades have three settings to give you control for precise cuts. It can run at 1050, 1250, and 1450 rpm. This allows you to modify the cuts for the size of your buds.

A mesh bag for catching trimmings is included. A long mesh tube for catching buds is included as well.

Featuring a maintenance-free motor and fan system, this bud trimmer machine is meant for a grower who is looking to grow a substantial amount of plants. It maintains professional quality while still being affordable.

Centurion Pro Mini Wet or Dry Trimmer

Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer (WET or DRY)

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Centurion Pro Mini is able to trim both wet and dry plants. Featuring eleven high quality blades, which is double the amount the average trimmer contains, you are able to get a clear-cut trim fast. This can trim six to eight pounds of wet cannabis and thirty to forty pounds dry per hour. It runs on 120 volts with 2000 CFM suction.

The magnetic holding technology that the hardened steel blades utilize makes cleanup in between trimming quick and simple, letting you get back to cutting. It is also the only machine with a QuanTanium coated tumbler. This means it has non-stick properties that keep the trichomes from attaching to the surface, resulting in better looking and more aromatic buds.

All of the parts of the CenturionPro Mini are either anodized aluminum or stainless steel. These materials are what make this machine so lightweight and durable, and prevent any corrosion from forming. The extra-large hopper allows for consistent loading and an automatic feeder can be added for hands free trimming.

This bud trimmer machine features innovative diverters to precisely cut different strains delicately. And overall, it works efficiently and powerfully to drastically cut down trim time.

If you are in the market for a high quality machine that can handle a medium sized harvest, this may be the trimmer you are looking for.


Twister T4 Trimmer (Machine & Leaf Collector)

The Twister T4 is able to perform wet or dry trimming. Dry trimming requires just the purchase of a separate tumbler.

This trimmer claims to have the industry’s fastest vacuum and blades that run at a very high speed. The way that the blades are shaped also gives a precise and close cut without any damage being done to the bud.

However, powerful and precise performance is not all this trimmer offers. Twister offers live tech support twelve hours a day every day of the week. They also offer a two year warranty with an option to extend it two more years, showing the integrity of their company and the confidence they have in their product.

Trimming four to six pounds per hour wet and seven to ten per hour dry, this bud trimmer machine is a great choice for those with a large harvest. It provides non-stop power and performance.

This is also the only machine available that you are able to configure to run up to three machines in row. That way you can get through a total of twenty six pounds per hour! It's a great feature to have for those who think they may have to expand in the future.

Trimpro Original Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer - Best Wet Trimmer

Trimpro Original Leaf Bud/Plant Trimmer is a powerful wet-only trimmer that is easy to use. And quiet too, since it runs on a 110 volt motor while making little to no noise.

Due to the high quality industrial materials that this trimmer is made of, it is very heavy. But it is still easy to dismount. This makes it simple to transport and store.

As well as being simple to dismount, this trimmer is also simple to use: just move your cannabis plant across the grate in a back and forth motion. It will suck the leaves down through the holes where the spinning blades will trim them off. Then the process is complete and you can let your bud dry.

The leaves are caught in a large sack found at the bottom of the unit, making it easy for cleanup. Furthermore, the grates are non-stick, so you do not have to worry about any resin becoming stuck to them.

For growers looking for a trimmer that can handle their large harvest, this one will not disappoint you.


This guide should have given you everything you need to know about the best bud trimmer machines. And will hopefully have made your choice between the numerous options currently available a lot easier.

Once you've made your selection, you can look forward to enjoying perfectly manicured bud quickly and easily from now on.

And now that you've mastered a quick trimming process, time to focus on your next grow!

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Want to know more about harvesting, curing and trimming your bud—or any other aspect of weed growing? We recommend Ryan Riley's extremely comprehensive Grow Bible. It's not cheap, but as a shortcut to gaining many valuable years of pot growing experience, it's a great investment.

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