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Welcome to the new Big Buds Guide! If you have been here before, you will notice a considerable change to this website. We are now a directory for cannabis sources of all kinds across North America.  We are starting with dispensaries and retailers but growers and distributors are welcome to join as well.  We hope you will like our directory and find it useful.  If you are looking for content that no longer appears, don't worry.  You will find everything and more on our companion website

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Cannabis plant

Medical Marijuana (Machine Readable)

By clark | June 28, 2019

  We occasionally publish guest articles of note and here is one from a writer who has improved the original article on Medical Cannabis by making it compliant with accessibility standards. As this author writes, she is “the co-creator of Dopa, an alternative to Wikipedia that covers critical health subjects and meets 100% website accessibility …

Medical Marijuana (Machine Readable) Read More »

Marijuana plant

Benefits of CBD Oil Food Supplements

By Jessica K | June 26, 2019

Benefits of CBD Oil Food Supplement for Your Daily Wellness Creating your own CBD edibles is one of the best ways of controlling exactly how much CBD you get in. It is also a fun way to blend healthy new flavors using existing recipes as your core inspiration. Whether you buy cannabis edibles from a …

Benefits of CBD Oil Food Supplements Read More »

How Can Cannabis Help in the Cure of Cancer

By clark | June 25, 2019

Marijuana is a common name referring to the dry leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis cultivation takes place in warm tropical climates on a commercial scale. The use of cannabis is widespread in many cultures across the world, and as a result, marijuana is now part of the 50 herbs that form part of …

How Can Cannabis Help in the Cure of Cancer Read More »

Eating Marijuana Seeds

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Marijuana Seeds

By clark | June 13, 2019

The Health Benefits Marijuana Seeds Marijuana seeds are highly potent with essential health benefits. In the past, it might have been a taboo to even associate with the plant let alone consuming it. Today, awareness and research have brought about change, and marijuana seeds are now recognized as a source of a number of health …

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Marijuana Seeds Read More »

cbd pet-medications_canna-pet-

CBD for Your Pets

By clark | June 11, 2019

Give Your Pet An Enhanced Life With Canna-Pet CBD Products. CBD is one of the fastest growing products in the industry and is now available for your pets! Your pets deserve to live an enhanced life and we can help thanks to our many CBD products for animals. CBD Debunked CBD Won’t Make Your Pet …

CBD for Your Pets Read More »

Cannabis nug

5 Things Australia Can Learn From USA & Canada

By Jessica K | May 15, 2019

5 things Australia’s emerging cannabis industry can learn from the USA and Canada The cannabis industry has experienced tremendous growth in the USA and Canada in recent years, given the popularity of marijuana in treating certain medical conditions. Research done on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has spurred growth in this industry in …

5 Things Australia Can Learn From USA & Canada Read More »

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