LED Grow Lights vs. HID Grow Lights

Despite advances in LED grow lights in recent years, the debate about which grow lights are better, LED or HID (High Intensity Discharge), remains a frequent and lively topic within […]

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Canadian Pot Stocks: The Time Has Come to Invest

1st July 2018, Canada Day: The date cannabis is due to be legalized in Canada. In our previous articles we showed you the legal situation in Canada and took a […]

Top Christmas Gift Ideas

OK, so we’re guessing you’re not bad at growing weed—but how good are you at Christmas gift ideas for the weed appreciating folks in your life? Need a little gift-buying […]

Cannabis legality under threat? Trump sabre rattles over marijuana

On the surface, a growing number of threats to crack down on state marijuana industries by the Trump administration looks worrying. Dig a little deeper though and the answer isn’t […]

6 Best Ways to Pass a Drugs Test for Weed – And Help The Economy

  Even if weed is legal where you are, you still could be subject to unfair and invasive drug testing at work. Or when applying for a job. Not only […]

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Buying Cannabis Seeds: Your Stress-Free Guide 2018

With hundreds, even thousands of cannabis strains available today, and any number of websites selling them, choosing and buying the right marijuana seeds can be overwhelming. So how do you […]

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10 of the Best Hydroponics Grow Boxes

Hydroponics Grow Boxes are an efficient way of easily growing plants inside your home or office. These grow boxes are usually light, fully automated and air tight in nature. It […]

Hydrofarm MGSYS Hydroponic Megagarden System

10 of the Best Hydroponics Growing Systems

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in a soil less medium or aquatic environment. It is a subset of Hydroculture, and Hydroponic systems utilize mineral nutrient solutions for feeding […]

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Best Nutrients and Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis – 2018 Reviews

Laws have changed so that more people than ever can legally grow cannabis at home. They can grow marijuana for medicinal purposes and recreational use. Some jurisdictions are allowed to […]