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Stop shopping for MarsHydro on Amazon: Here’s why…

LEDGrowLightCompany - 10% off MarsHydro

Big hint: 10% off everything

If you’ve been thinking about growing cannabis at home and looking into the equipment needed then a) welcome, you’re in the right place, and b) you’ve probably already run across the name MarsHydro.

We’ve written positively about their grow lights on more than one occasion, with one or more MARS Lights making our Top 10 for the past few years. We also know their lights are big sellers with our readers.

So why are we writing about them again now?

Because you need to know about OUR NEW STORE. (Sad-funny story about the conspiracy among the FAANG companies, the Banksters, the BigBadTabakkyGuys and the US Gummint below this article.)  Its name is DazzleKat and it lives at

Yep, you heard right.

We are selling MarsHydro LED Grow Lights shipped straight from MarsHydro’s US warehouse.

And our shop is cheaper than Amazon. (You can’t accuse us of burying the lead!)

Because we are also offering a…

10% discount on everything you buy from our store.

Just enter “10off” at checkout to claim your discount on EVERYTHING.

And—EVEN MORE—there’s free shipping to the continental US.

So if you live in one of the newly liberated, Revolution of 2018 states then this free shipping offer is worth its weight in Acapulco Gold.

And if you still live in the not-so-liberated states (UTAH? anyone?) then the discreet packaging is also worth its weight in Acapulco Gold.

Another reason to buy from us: some MarsHydro lights just aren’t available on Amazon anymore.

So if you’re considering buying a MarsHydro grow light or grow tent, read on to find out a bit more about MarsHydro, what they sell—and why it could be worth your while to buy from (that’s us.)

MarsHydro: A brief introduction

MarsHydro now available from Dazzlekat store
Discover the cheapest place to buy MarsHydro grow lights and tents

MarsHydro grow lights have earned a great reputation among growers for very competitive prices—but combined with component and build quality that exceeds most lights at similar price points.

For instance, rather than no-name LED diodes, Mars lights use zener protected Epistar and/or CREE LED chips. (Zener protection means that if one LED fails the rest continue to work.)

Moreover, MarsHydro lights are tested at least three times for quality control and all products are fully safety certified for US, Canadian and EU markets.

Founded in 2009, the company has been developing and perfecting its products for over nine years now. The Mars factory shop itself has a history on eBay going back over six years, with 99.9% positive feedback. They reply to enquiries within one business day. We’re looking to offer that same service.

While MarsHydro lights are manufactured in China, a network of warehouses and repair centers across the US/Canada/UK/Germany/Australia handles local shipping and servicing. For the vast majority of our readers that means fast, free or cheap local shipping; local repairs; and no extra customs fees.

Shipping within the USA is free. And packaging is discreet.

Mars also makes grow tents (which we’re selling too) and protective glasses for dealing with the ultra-brightness of LEDs.

What else we like about MarsHydro grow lights

  • Full spectrum, for use throughout your grow
  • Even coverage
  • Plenty of info given on the exact spectrum, footprint and PAR values of each light—too many manufacturers still don’t give growers enough of this info
  • No unrealistic claims about what wattage of HID lights they can replace
  • Hanging kit, region-specific power cable and instruction manual included
  • Minimum of 1 year manufacturer warranty with free service or returns with first 90 days (after that, Mars sends parts for free, or you pay shipping to the repair center and Mars pays return shipping)—warranty length depends on product.

Advantages of buying from DazzleKat

Did we mention already that our lights are cheaper than buying from Amazon?  Did we already mention the…

10% Discount on Everything?

Besides that not insignificant point, it’s also worth noting that our store sells some models that aren’t available on Amazon.

Another advantage:

You can be sure that you’re buying authentic goods directly from MarsHydro (and our guy on the inside is Kevin Chen if you want to check), rather than from a reseller raising the price or someone selling fakes (it happens). Just make sure the store name is DazzleKat

Selling direct from the manufacturer also means we can offer the occasional auction of new or used equipment. Your chance to perhaps pick up a great bargain.

Plus we can offer some good deals on multi-product packages, which are hard to find on Amazon.

Just enter “10off” at checkout to get your

10% Discount on everything.

Happy growing!


(P.S. Conspiracy against us.  We are not paranoid.  But that guy in the trenchcoat behind us might be.)

Anyway, as you may or may not know, the FAANG companies (Facecrack, Amazoo, Crapple, Netfux and Gurgle) are bigshots in the $$$ bizness.  And the banksters like JPMugginYou, ChaseYou, and BankUvAmerika just LOOOOOOVE $$$$$.  And they all LOOOOVE the US Gummint because it’s so easy to suck bucks out of the Gullible Gummint.

So when the Gummint is waddling along with its money cart, the banksters and the FAANGS don’t want to upset the money cart.

Now one thing the Gummint likes a lot is more $$$$.  And it gets more $$$ with taxe$$$.  And it yanks taxe$$$ out of every little crevice it can find.

But for the longest time, like 100 years, the Gummint could not find the crevices where weed was growing, so it couldn’t suck taxe$$$ out of weed.  And besides, BigBadTobakky didn’t want nobody smoking nuthin else.

So everything was hunkydory with BigBadTobakky paying taxes out of your pocket, and the Gummint collecting those taxe$$$, and the banksters storing those taxe$$$ and FAANG companies sitting back and maybe taking a little ad money on the side.

But then sumthin’ happened.  You decided you weren’t smokin that Tobakky no more, you were growing your own. And it tasted and smelled a LOT better. 

The Gummint couldn’t find the crevices where you grew it, so the Gummint couldn’t collect the taxe$$$.  And the banksters couldn’t suck the $$$ from the taxes. And that created a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) which led to NIMBY (Nobody In My BackYard) which led to FU (do I really need to spell it out?)

And then sumthin’ else happened.

You started growing more and MORE and MOOOORE in bigger and BIGGER and BIGGGGGER crevices.  And then the Gummint found it.  And eventually the Gummint figured out a way to get taxe$$ from it—in some states.

But the banksters are still in the last century.

And since the FAANG’s and the banks are up each other’s wazoo in a big way—well, the FAANG and the banksters ain’t gonna let anything called “420beginner” have a store.  So we have to pretend we only sell LED Grow Lights to, y’know…

legal tomato growers.

And that’s why we are called DazzleKat, kiddies.

Not sure which MarsHydro light to buy? No worries, we’ve already reviewed a few over on and we’ll be adding some more reviews over the next few months. (N.B. We said “next few weeks” in the newsletter—we meant “months”!)


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Indoor Grown Weed Sells

Here is Why You Grow Your Weed Indoors

According to prices for published by Cannabis Benchmarks, the wholesale price paid by licensed retailers for marijuana in the US is almost twice as high for weed grown indoors than any other type of weed-growing operation.  This has been true for at least all of this year.  For instance, as of the end of March, indoor-grown flower was selling for an average of $1,468 per pound while weed grown outdoors was less than half that at $631/pound and greenhouse weed was $972/pound.

Why do you get more money for indoor grown weed?  Better quality control?  Greater efficiency with LED Grow Lights? Tell us what you think.  Leave a comment below.

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Win A Grow Light

Big Buds Guide - Beginner's Guide for Growing Weed Indoors

Refer a Friend and Win a Grow Light

Hi.  BigBud here.  MaryJane Farmer and I are starting a contest today and you can win a Mars Hydro LED Grow Light.  Just be referring friends on email or social media–it’s as easy as that!

The contest runs until May 31.  The three winners will each receive a Mars Hydro Reflector 48.  Check out the specs here.  It’s a great light and an efficiency winner for small garden of 4-6 plants.

All you have to do is sign up here and then start referring friends via email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to win a Grow Light.

The more people you refer, the more points you get.

When your referrals sign up, you get even more points automatically. Nothing could be easier!  Sign up here today.  You’ve only got until May 31 to win.  You can check your standings on the leaderboard once you have signed up–start referring and go for the win!

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Best Practices for Greenhouse Hemp Growing

Best Practices for Greenhouse Hemp Growing

Tips for Growing Hemp in a Greenhouse

If you have decided to cultivate a hemp plant (or its relative cannabis), then it is time for you to explore whether a greenhouse is another best place to cultivate it. Why? Because a greenhouse is generally discrete and cost-effective for growing these plants in quantity. The sunlight’s natural energy (with some supplementation by LED Grow Lights) is sufficient to let the plants grow healthier than artificial indoor light. Apart from saving up a penny, a greenhouse can also be environmentally friendly by saving on the electricity bills.  Of course, if you are growing hemp instead of cannabis, then you are probably interested in CBD oil, either producing it yourself or selling it to a producer.  Check out this post on making your own CBD oil.

If you are starting to grow hemp in your own greenhouse, here are seven tips you should keep in mind:

Before building your greenhouse, picture the design you want.

It should be simple yet practical. In choosing between wooden and metal frames, it is always a wise choice to go with metal ones. Metal frames have a lower risk of catching fire. It is also durable enough to go through windy and stormy seasons in your region. Although it is more expensive than wooden frames, it still lasts longer than wooden ones. Initial planning and designing might be very crucial hence require your patience.

The best location will be somewhere facing natural sunlight. This cut down the costs of using electric or artificial lighting. Nevertheless, make sure that your greenhouse location is strategic to access both sources of light for substitutions. Further, make sure that the greenhouse is spacious enough for storage, working tables, and water supply access.

Apply a translucent covering to your greenhouse. A translucent covering helps to distribute the amount of light evenly. You can choose from glass or plastic. Although glass is expensive, it still provides impressive performance. But if you are on a tight budget, you can also choose the plastic or fiberglass. It’s cheaper but also effectively distribute heat as expensive glass. Whatever you choose, you should add a new coat of resin every 10 to 15 years. You can also apply a paint that will make it invisible to the world from the outside. Remember, it is safer to think of your greenhouse security ahead of time.

Provide ventilation for your greenhouse.

With direct sunlight, your hemp plant is still able to grow during winter. This is primarily because greenhouses are great in retaining heat when the season turns cold. The humidity that is a result of the temperature change also decreases the need for watering the plant. However, too much evaporation from the heat can affect the plants negatively. So, if you are creating your own greenhouse, make sure that it has its own mechanical vent – it takes off heat from the greenhouse when it’s too much. 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit would suffice.  Here are our reviews of the best inline ventilation greenhouse fans you can use.

Adjust light levels to increase hemp yields in your greenhouse.

A source of light, whether natural or artificial, is essential in your hemp plants to grow healthy. With that said, when your hemp is in the stage of vegetation, it is great to provide your plants with 18 hours of lighting. You can easily have sunlight during the day, and provide a supplemental or artificial light at night to cover the 18 hours. Check out our 2019 list of Best LED Grow Lights if . you want the best supplemental light for your greenhouse.  LED Grow Lights for growing hemp not only optimize the yield but also provide you with year-round hemp production.

In the flowering stage, your hemp plants require darkness.

Unlike the vegetation stage, the flowering stage of hemp requires you to keep your greenhouse dark. Ensure 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness as it forces your hemp plants to flower based on your production schedule. To achieve this, you can use paint that prevents the light from penetrating through coverings or use blackout curtains also known as light deprivation technology. This technology is famously used in greenhouse production of kalanchoes, poinsettias, mums, and other plants that require darkness or photoperiod adjustments. Blackout curtains can easily be used by covering flat roofs truss to truss on greenhouse gutters. Don’t forget to cover door openings, side walls, and exhaust fans to completely prevent light from penetrating.

Help your hemp plants grow with CO2 enrichment.

Here is a great CO2 supplementation tool.  You can use a hot water heating system so that CO2 can be effectively pulled off the boiler, or you can just use liquid CO2 to dose your hemp crop. This one is best discussed with greenhouse experts like Industrial Hemp Farms. They will also help you with the steps on the proper ways of enriching your hemp plants with CO2 as well as its right amount.

Selling your low THC hemp.

Not only that, but if you are producing hemp with low THC content (not cannabis), Industrial Hemp Farms might purchase your product for their wholesale operation.

We hope that these useful tips will help you in your journey of growing hemp in a greenhouse. Remember that aside from the above seven tips, the most important one is being dedicated and responsible for taking good care of your hemp plants. With that, they will then grow healthier with increased production each year!

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CBD oil vs Kratom: What’s Best?

kratom pie chart - kratom vs cbd oil

Choosing between CBD and Kratom

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) have hit the headlines recently as means of tackling pain. Let’s look at the different products and check out the pros and cons of both.  The short answer to the question of which is better depends like always on your personal preferences and your own intended uses.  Let’s find out more.

What’s CBD?

Cannabidiol is a compound that comes from hemp and cannabis. One of the best known compounds to come from cannabis plants, it has been shown to be effective at tackling neuropathic pain yet is non-addictive and far less likely to give you a buzz than THC or Kratom.

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system in your nerves by maintaining higher levels of the body’s own cannabinoids, which in turn reduce pain and inflammation in your body.

It can be consumed by eating it, though cannabinoids are oil-soluble and do better if inhaled as an oil – you get more of it in your bloodstream if inhaled through a vaporizer.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an herb found in Southeast Asia that is (at least for now) legal in most states across the United States. Unlike CBD, kratom works on the body’s opioid system, which rather than tackling the cause of the pain basically tells the body that you aren’t in pain.

In other words, kratom works like opiods and has some of the same dangers as opioids, maybe including stopping breathing.  Kratom use is banned in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin and Louisiana, and the DEA has recorded 36 deaths allegedly from kratom use.

With that warning, we are going to note that the deaths attributed to kratom were in people using it with alcohol or other substances. Also, opioid is a very broad term – not every opioid has the same effects. Naloxone, for example, is an opioid but is used to reverse opioid overdoses.

You will also be surprised that many more people have supposedly died or been poisoned with CBD oil (52 in Utah, for instance).

Note, however, that these poisonings were apparently due to fake CBD oil. So the lesson is: buy your product of choice from a reputable supplier that tests its products for purity. This is especially true with kratom, because the kratom that is commonly available online is a mix of substances in various proportions, some of which are psychoactive and most of which are not well-studied pharmacologically.

You would think that given its opioid properties and the current opioid hysteria in the USA, the DEA would have put kratom on its list of Schedule I controlled substances.  Marijuana is a Schedule I drug, as we all know well.  But kratom, unlike marijuana, is not prohibited by the feds, although there was an attempt to do so in 2016.  The DEA had to back off because of a massive public protest and complaints by 51 Congresspersons.  That is probably not the end of the story however given the propensity of the DEA to want to control anything even remotely related to getting high.

How is Kratom Used?

Consumed as a refined liquid, kratom is best compared to a fruit smoothie – though do be aware it isn’t the best tasting drink in the world! Other people make tea with kratom.  You can find recipes for both types of use here.  Along with a faint feeling of nausea at first you will find your head buzzing a bit.  Unlike CBD you can build tolerance to Kratom and there can be withdrawal effects – Kratom can be addictive and one of the chemicals in kratom is said to be 13 times more potent than morphine.

There are three versions of Kratom – red, white and green veined. Essentially along with the pain relief, white Kratom gives you a buzz of energy like a strong coffee, while red veined Kratom can chill you out. Green Kratom sits in the middle of the two.

Nociceptive vs Neuropathic Pain

There are two types of pain that people can feel – nociceptive and neuropathic pain.

Nociceptive pain is the pain you feel when you have been injured in some way. Whether the pain from a needle puncturing your skin or the dreadful pain of giving birth, these experiences are both nociceptive pain.

Neuropathic pain is the pain felt as the body degrades due to diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and cancer. This pain is the nerves sending messages to the brain telling it that something is happening deep inside.

CBD is known to really help with neuropathic pain as it sends the body off to tackle the symptoms of the pain, while Kratom is great for nociceptive pain as it tells the body that the pain isn’t there. This isn’t the end of the story, as there are real advantages and disadvantages of taking both.

CBD Is Also an Anti-inflammatory

The first thing to note is that CBD is an anti-inflammatory. This means that the compound acts on the source of the pain as well as tackling the pain itself. One use of CBD oil is in skin creams, either for cosmetic purposes or for mild pain relief (or both.) People also use CBD oil in various forms for their dogs and cats.  Looking just at that measure, one might assume that CBD is a lot more versatile than Kratom.Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, people often choose CBD oil over high THC preparations because it doesn’t mess with your perceptions thanks to it not giving you a buzz.

CBD is often available as part of a ‘full spectrum’ cannabis oil where a number of other terpenes and cannabinoids are included in the preparation.   Not all cannabinoids have had as much research as CBD but they are known to work in concert with CBD on the nervous system, which in return produces a better effect on the sensation of pain. You can access ‘CBD isolates’ too, which are just a pure CBD preparation and does just has the effect CBD is known to give on the endocannabinoid system. We have an article here on how to make your own CBD Oil.

Kratom Has Been Used Extensively for Generations

Assuming kratom is too dangerous to use would be wrong when looking at the worldwide use of kratom.  In indonesia and other southeast Asian nations, kratom has been used for generations by millions of people and in particular in agricultural workers.  Presumably the psychoactive substances in kratom make the back-breaking work of farming a little more tolerable.

Kratom is Used for Opioid Withdrawal

While it works on the opioid system, kratom has less of an effect on your body than prescription pain medicines like morphine, oxycodone and fentanyl. This means that people can use kratom to wean themselves off prescription opioid addiction – precisely the reason that there was a huge outcry when the DEA went to ban kratom from sale, and the reason that the DEA (at least temporarily) backed down when the response from the public hit them.

Like the opioids that kratom can help the drug user break free from, it can cause addiction. The biggest problem with all opioids is that the body builds tolerance and you get sick when you withdraw from them. This is a big reason people prefer medical marijuana to opiate pain medications – you can’t really get hooked on it.

Unlike morphine, heroin, fentanyl and oxycodone, the withdrawal effects are much milder from Kratom. Put bluntly, sudden withdrawal from a hard opioid like morphine can actually kill you. Though a handful of deaths have been associated with Kratom use, in nearly all cases Kratom was used with things like alcohol (that also can depress the respiratory system) and other opioids.

CBD is also used to withdraw from opioids

Marijuana has been shown to help people come off Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). A 2018 scientific paper in the Cannabis and Cannabnoid Research journal showed, “The compelling nature of these data and the relative safety profile of cannabis warrant further exploration of cannabis as an adjunct or alternative treatment for OUD.” With the growing opioid epidemic in the US, cannabis could well be the more comfortable and less risky option for opiate withdrawal than kratom in many cases.

That aside, CBD oil, whether full spectrum or as an isolate, has significant differences over kratom in tackling pain. It is less addictive than the Indonesian herb, doesn’t give you a buzz, and often tackles the symptoms of the pain as well as dulling the pain itself. There are pros and cons to both kratom and CBD oil, but in terms of pain management it is probably worth trying CBD oil first.

If nothing else given the DEA’s habit of banning things it doesn’t understand, CBD oil is set to be legal for far longer than kratom!

This post is sponsored by Kratom Crazy, a seller of kratom products online including bulk products.

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The Week In Weed – The 10+ Hottest Cannabis Links (Every Wednesday)

The Week In Weed - 10+ Hottest Cannabis Links

Mostly, on this site we write about cannabis growing equipment and how to grow better buds…

However, we’re constantly reading, watching and listening to the latest in cannabis related news, politics, science, culture and entertainment.

So we figured why not share some of the best content we come across?

Every week, on this page, we’ll share our selection of the most interesting cannabis content we’ve found online this week.

If you find this post useful, just bookmark it and come back next Wednesday. The weekly links will be at this same URL every week. Or subscribe to our newsletter—the subscription box is in the sidebar.

Now, here’s our quick roundup of what’s been happening in the great wide world of weed this week:

namaste vapes

24th – 30th January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

Hemp Nutrition - Save on Combo treat packs @

  • HBO’s High Maintenance is back for Season 3. Check out the trailer below:

10th – 23rd January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

  • How cannabis companies can give back to their communities. Brave New Weed podcast interviews Christina De La Rosa of The People’s Dispensary:


3rd – 9th January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

  • A new study supports CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety-related disorders.
  • Another study has found that workers processing and harvesting marijuana suffered no ill effects.
  • In Canada, luxury weed tourism is on the rise.
  • Why the media’s new favorite cannabis naysayer Alex Berenson is wrong.
  • One of the best documentaries on the utter failure of the War On Drugs, ‘The House I Live In’:

  • Are robots coming for our cannabis jobs too? CannaInsider looks at the future of robotics in the cannabis industry:


20th December 2018 – 2nd January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

After a quick Christmas break, we’re back again with the first links post of the new year…


  • And finally, saying goodbye to 2018, here’s the year in review episode of MJBiz Daily’s ‘This Week In…’ podcast:


13th – 19th December Cannabis Links Roundup



5th – 12th December Cannabis Links Roundup

Get the BEST Vaporizer on the market - Sensi Vapes



Check back next week for more new links!

N.B. At the moment, we plan to keep adding each week’s links to this page until a month’s worth have built up. Then we’ll remove the oldest week’s links every time we add the new batch.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, subscribe to our email newsletter (see the sidebar). 


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Hemp Extract for Pets 20% off Sale

pet hemp

Organic Hemp Products for Pets

Our friends at Canna-Pet are holding a blowout sale on their Hemp-derived products for pets. We have written about CBD for pets in this post.  The CannaPet products are not CBD oil but hemp extract does contain a variety of other terpenes and phytochemicals that CannaPet claims have beneficial effects for a variety of pet ailments and conditions.  You can read about the differences between hemp oil, CBD oil and hemp seed oil here.  CannaPet’s claim is that their products “contain over two dozen compounds, terpenes and flavonoids, including hemp, ß-Caryophyllene, CBC, CBG, limonene, α-pinene, and linalool, HPLC tested to ensure quality and consistency.”  That sounds like something you could spend a lifetime learning about, but it’s easier just to look at testimonials and there are a lot of those, attesting to beneficial effects seen with CannaPet products.  So even if these dog weed and cat weed products don’t contain CBD, they seem to be pleasing a lot of pet owners. And CannaPet seems to be a company that really cares about producing high-quality products for a wide variety of animals.

If after reading about CannaPets’ products you care to buy some, they are offering 20%off everything and free shipping.  If you want to find genuine CBD Oil to give your pets, then you can read our post here or you can just check out the Purfurred brand products at MadeByHemp.

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Another Top LED Grow Lights Review

Best LED Grow Lights from our friends at LED Grow Lights Depot.

There are a multitude of LED Grow Lights on the market at all price levels and with or without all the bells and whistles.  Sometimes the quality is what it should be but sometimes–well, some manufacturers cut corners to cut costs.  And the opinions about LED Grow Lights are just like belly-buttons–everybody has one.  So it can be hard or even impossible to find the lights that are best for your indoor garden.

That’s where we come in–we do the work of sorting out what is good, what is worth the cost and even sometimes what to avoid completely.  Our top ten LED Grow Light Reviews for 2019 are posted on our front page and on the front page at our sister site, MaryJane Farmer’s

But the fun doesn’t stop there–and neither do the LED Grow Light Reviews.  Our friends at LED Grow Lights Depot sell a wide variety of lights and growing products and they have put out their own Top Ten review for 2019.  Naturally it contains the products that they sell, but there is nothing against tooting your own horn.

Here at BigBudsguide, we don’t copy somebody else’s content but we certainly can comment on what someone else publishes. So here is a brief synopsis of the Top Ten LED Grow Lights as listed by the folks at LED Grow Lights Depot.

High Quality Quantum Boards in this LED grow light

The first light on their list is also an Amazon Choice and has a 5-star rating. This light is made with high-quality Quantum Boards designed by Horticulture Lighting Group. This light is suitable for commercial operations as well as home use.  You can read more about Quantum Boards from MaryJane Farmer here under “DIY LED Grow Lights.”

A good commercial LED grow light

The next light is Gavita’s top of the line and most powerful model.  Again, this is a good light for commercial operations but maybe a bit pricey for the smaller grower.  This light has a low profile, which would be useful in low-ceiling rooms or in vertically stacked multiple grow spaces.  The company claims that it’s multilayer LED construction allows a more uniform light distribution.

NextLight is the next light in the top ten grow lights list

The next light is in fact the NextLight Mega.  This is a 2016 design which has stood the test of time and is best for commercial operations.  It’s made in the USA and has a 5 year warranty.  It’s also sold on Amazon and it’s kind of pricey at $1525.50 but LED Grow Lights Depot offers a 15% discount at checkout.  Buy on

Research says this light grows better cannabis.

Another pricey light but well worth it because of the high-quality Cree LED’s it sports is the Optic 8+.  The company claims that “Research shows significant increases in trichome density, volume & terpene profile.”

Legalize Tomatoes (and cannabis) with Black Dog LED Grow Lights

Moving to number 4, is another pricey choice, this one from the well-known Black Dog line of LED Grow Lights. These lights are also made in the USA and come from Amazon in a bundle that includes a “Legalize Tomatoes” sticker, good for those American backwater states where MaryJane is not welcome. (Check out MaryJane’s interactive Global Weed Infographic of US and world cannabis laws, soon to be updated with the 2018 Revolution.) Black Dog has several lights in various sizes with various add-ons.  Here are a few of them.

We know the Electric Sunshine from 420Beginner

Light number 5 is from our friend Dan at the Green Sunshine Company.  You can read MaryJane’s interview with Dan here.  This is a 2-pack set of ES300 lights which can be placed closer together or farther apart depending on your plant spacing.  The virtue of the Electric Sky is in its lensing system which reduces wasted light by directing more of the light straight down instead of losing it out to the sides. Again, not available on Amazon but you get a 5% discount on the two-pack at checkout on the Depot. Buy on

Do It Yourself and save some bucks on a high quality LED Grow Light

The next light is a DIY project which requires putting together the four Quantum Boards comprising the HLG 600.  The Depot calls this light its “best bang for the buck” light at $692.00. Buy on .  However, if you are handy with Do It Yourself projects requiring no more than a screwdriver and a wire stripper, you can save a ton of money by buying one or more of the same Quantum boards from Amazon. This light has several positive reviews raving about the light, about customer support from HLG and about the ease of assembly.  LED Grow Lights Depot also has a video showing how to put the light together.

Raging Kush for commercial cannabis growers with stacked grow boxes

The Scynce LED Raging Kush light is aimed at the commercial market, particularly vertical grow operations (stacked tiers of plants) but small growers can certainly use it as well.  There are two unique features of this light: (1) a patented lensing system that spreads the light more evenly and reduces the central hot spot that some other lights have and (2) an Android app to control timing and spectrum.  The light is $1395.00 and is brand-new on the market so you might have to pre-order. For a 10% discount buy on

A commercial-grade LED Grow Light with a discount

California Lightworks SolarXtreme 1000 is a new model from this well-known company and it is targeted to the home grower, without the remote control and other  functions that California Lightworks puts in its pricier commercial-grade lights.   The SolarXtreme 1000 is a powerful light with a heavy power consumption at 800 watts but its price of $899 takes some of the sting out of that.  It is sold as a plug-and-play light that can be set up in minutes by even the newest noob.  Get 5% off when you buy on

High Power light with a lower power consumption and another discount

Here is another high-powered LED Grow Light suitable for any operation, the Crecer PanthrX.  It has a full spectrum with added red just like the California Lightworks light above and it has a similar power replacement profile, but draws about 200 fewer watts.  It has a connector to add dimmers for the high-quality Cree LEDs.   The Depot tested it in a 4×4 grow tent and reports a higher PAR value at the edges than other lights.  At $999 this is again a pricey light, but worth the price for the high power.   You can get a 7% discount if you buy on

That’s it for the Top Ten LEd Grow Lights list from LED Grow Lights Depot.  Take advantage of the discounts in this list today because they certainly won’t last forever.

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Cannabis Profit Tips

more profit from cannabis

Need More Profits from Your Cannabis Products?

If you are wondering where all the money in growing cannabis went, read this article from a very experienced grower who has some insights about growing weed for money that might have escaped the small cannabis producer.

Joshua Haupt has been growing for a few years now.  Even though he still uses old technology (inefficient and costly HPS lighting), his basic message is right on point: “Focus on efficiencies, big time.”

Read his interview in MJBizDaily.  MaryJane Farmer  will try to post a longer interview with Joshua in the future, but take note of his interest in researching LED Grow Lights.  We know where the best LED Grow Lights can be found at the best prices, so check out our reviews too.


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Medical Marijuana (Machine Readable)


pills medical marijuana
Nature’s Remedy in A Bottle

We occasionally publish guest articles of note and here is one from a writer who has improved the original article on Medical Cannabis by making it compliant with accessibility standards. As this author writes, she is “the co-creator of Dopa, an alternative to Wikipedia that covers critical health subjects and meets 100% website accessibility standards (over 220 pages).” Accessibility standards are of course important to those who need machine-readable information, like my friend George Burrell Gary. Being blind did not stop him from climbing Kilimanjaro but it definitely makes the internet less available to . him in certain ways. So kudos to Dopa and to Tina Richardson. And here is the link to her improved version of the Wikipedia Medical Cannabis article.

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