Everything There Is to Know About Cannabis Extraction

You may be quite the cannabis connoisseur, but are you getting the best bang for your buck? It’s good to know what goes into cannabis extraction to help you get great quality. Here are some things to know before you get your cannabis Getting Down the Basics Before you get a cannabis extraction system, you …

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how does a cat smoke a joint

Dissatisfied Dispensary Customer

This dispensary buyer says judging the weed just by THC content is too narrow.  A good weed should smell good, taste good and doobedoo you.  Look what happens to a dispensary preroll that doesn’t make the grade. When a bud tender hands me “premium” and it’s just mids with a different price tag. from r/OKmarijuana

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization Bill – Latest

The campaign to decriminalize marijuana took what some would say was a mighty step in the right direction this week when The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted 24-10 to approve the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act Now referred to as MORE it would remove marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances, where …

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Drugs treatment

Treating Drug Addiction

New Potential for Medical Marijuana: Treating Drug Addiction https://www.ridgefieldrecovery.com/blog/drug-addiction-perceived-as-major-community-problem/ All addictions are difficult to treat, but drug use might be one of the hardest to deal with for the addicted person. Taking drugs is a habit, and it is hard to change habits at once. That is why many users fail to resist the temptation …

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