The Week In Weed – The 10+ Hottest Cannabis Links (Every Wednesday)

The Week In Weed - 10+ Hottest Cannabis Links

Mostly, on this site we write about cannabis growing equipment and how to grow better buds…

However, we’re constantly reading, watching and listening to the latest in cannabis related news, politics, science, culture and entertainment.

So we figured why not share some of the best content we come across?

Every week, on this page, we’ll share our selection of the most interesting cannabis content we’ve found online this week.

If you find this post useful, just bookmark it and come back next Wednesday. The weekly links will be at this same URL every week. Or subscribe to our newsletter—the subscription box is in the sidebar.

Now, here’s our quick roundup of what’s been happening in the great wide world of weed this week:

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24th – 30th January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

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[videoy id=”j4GpGHgOHAk” ]
  • HBO’s High Maintenance is back for Season 3. Check out the trailer below:
[videoy id=”gWXJLzCGc30″ ]

10th – 23rd January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

  • How cannabis companies can give back to their communities. Brave New Weed podcast interviews Christina De La Rosa of The People’s Dispensary:


3rd – 9th January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

  • A new study supports CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety-related disorders.
  • Another study has found that workers processing and harvesting marijuana suffered no ill effects.
  • In Canada, luxury weed tourism is on the rise.
  • Why the media’s new favorite cannabis naysayer Alex Berenson is wrong.
  • One of the best documentaries on the utter failure of the War On Drugs, ‘The House I Live In’:
  • Are robots coming for our cannabis jobs too? CannaInsider looks at the future of robotics in the cannabis industry:


20th December 2018 – 2nd January 2019 Cannabis Links Roundup

After a quick Christmas break, we’re back again with the first links post of the new year…


  • And finally, saying goodbye to 2018, here’s the year in review episode of MJBiz Daily’s ‘This Week In…’ podcast:


13th – 19th December Cannabis Links Roundup



5th – 12th December Cannabis Links Roundup

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Check back next week for more new links!

N.B. At the moment, we plan to keep adding each week’s links to this page until a month’s worth have built up. Then we’ll remove the oldest week’s links every time we add the new batch.

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