Indoor Grown Weed Sells

Here is Why You Grow Your Weed Indoors According to prices for published by Cannabis Benchmarks, the wholesale price paid by licensed retailers for marijuana in the US is almost […]

Big Buds Guide - Beginner's Guide for Growing Weed Indoors

Win A Grow Light

Refer a Friend and Win a Grow Light Hi.  BigBud here.  MaryJane Farmer and I are starting a contest today and you can win a Mars Hydro LED Grow Light.  […]

Best Practices for Greenhouse Hemp Growing

Best Practices for Greenhouse Hemp Growing

Table of Contents1 Tips for Growing Hemp in a Greenhouse1.1 Before building your greenhouse, picture the design you want.1.2 Provide ventilation for your greenhouse.1.3 Adjust light levels to increase hemp […]

kratom pie chart - kratom vs cbd oil

CBD oil vs Kratom: What’s Best?

Table of Contents1 Choosing between CBD and Kratom1.1 What’s CBD?1.2 What is Kratom?1.3 How is Kratom Used?1.4 Nociceptive vs Neuropathic Pain1.5 CBD Is Also an Anti-inflammatory1.6 Kratom Has Been Used […]

The Week In Weed - 10+ Hottest Cannabis Links

The Week In Weed – The 10+ Hottest Cannabis Links (Every Wednesday)

Mostly, on this site we write about cannabis growing equipment and how to grow better buds… However, we’re constantly reading, watching and listening to the latest in cannabis related news, […]

LEDGrowLightCompany - 10% off MarsHydro

Stop shopping for MarsHydro on Amazon: Here’s why…

Table of Contents1 Big hint: 10% off everything…1.1 We are selling MarsHydro LED Grow Lights shipped straight from MarsHydro’s US warehouse.2 10% discount on everything you buy from our store.2.1 […]

pet hemp

Hemp Extract for Pets 20% off Sale

Organic Hemp Products for Pets Our friends at Canna-Pet are holding a blowout sale on their Hemp-derived products for pets. We have written about CBD for pets in this post.  […]

Another Top LED Grow Lights Review

Table of Contents1 Best LED Grow Lights from our friends at LED Grow Lights Depot.2 High Quality Quantum Boards in this LED grow light3 A good commercial LED grow light4 […]

more profit from cannabis

Cannabis Profit Tips

Need More Profits from Your Cannabis Products? If you are wondering where all the money in growing cannabis went, read this article from a very experienced grower who has some […]

Medical Marijuana (Machine Readable)

  We occasionally publish guest articles of note and here is one from a writer who has improved the original Wikipedia.org article on Medical Cannabis by making it compliant with accessibility […]