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We are delighted to have partnered with Green Flower Nation who are offering Podcasts providing an insight into the world of Cannabis. What It’s About Green Flower Nation is a new podcast […]

Benefits of CBD Oil Food Supplements

Table of Contents1 Benefits of CBD Oil Food Supplement for Your Daily Wellness 1.1 Pain Relief 1.2 Anxiety & Depression 1.3 Anti-Cancer Benefits 1.4 Sleep & Relaxation 1.5 Lowered Risk […]

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How Can Cannabis Help in the Cure of Cancer

Marijuana is a common name referring to the dry leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis cultivation takes place in warm tropical climates on a commercial scale. The use of […]

Eating Marijuana Seeds

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Marijuana Seeds

Table of Contents1 The Health Benefits Marijuana Seeds 2 1. Essential for Your Digestion 3 2. Enhances Cardiovascular Health 4 3. Weight Maintenance 5 4. Induces Sleep 6 5. Muscle […]

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Win an Atman Owar Wax Vaporizer

If you read our review of the Atman Owar Wax Vaporizer, on our Vapes Website, you will know that we gave this a very high rating.  It is a stylish vaporizer […]

Cannabis plant

Super High Cannabis Plant

The origins of the Cannabis Plant have been a mystery for a long time with nobody able to definitively identify where it came from. This may now have been solved […]

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5 Things Australia Can Learn From USA & Canada

Table of Contents1 5 things Australia’s emerging cannabis industry can learn from the USA and Canada 1.1 Product Innovation1.2 Favourable Legal Status1.3 Cannabis Grown For Export1.4 Role of Provincial and […]

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CBD for Your Pets

Table of Contents1 Give Your Pet An Enhanced Life With Canna-Pet CBD Products. 1.1 CBD Debunked1.2 What Is CBD/Hemp Commonly Used For In Animals?1.3 Why Choose Canna-Pet?1.4 Testimonials1.5 Top-Rated CBD […]

How to Grow Weed Indoors for Beginners: Step by Step Guide

From our friends BigBud and MaryJane Farmer at 420Beginner.com. Want to grow weed at home? Wondering how to get started or what equipment you might need? Not sure you’ve got […]

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Safeguarding Your Cannabis Business: Top 7 Facts to Focus on

The marijuana business is gradually seeing the light after all the stigmas taking backstage. This industry was always in operation illegally in the black market. But today, countries like Germany […]