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  • How Illegal Data Sharing and Software License Violations Drive Your Prices Up August 16, 2019
    Data has become big business, and with the growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) programs that anyone can access with a working username and password, illegal data sharing has become a bigger problem in recent years. With research showing 85% of employees have taken documents and information when they left a job in the […]
  • 10 Ways CRM Can Boost Your Cannabis Business August 14, 2019
    It’s extremely difficult to stay competitive in any industry today without a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and system in place. Results from a variety of research studies in recent years continually show that a CRM can have a significant positive effect on sales, marketing, customer service, and more. For example, Nucleus Research discovered that […]
  • The Effects of Big Data and Technology on the Marijuana Industry August 9, 2019
    Big data and technology have become critical to a wide variety of industries in recent years, and the marijuana industry is no exception. Back in 2017, BDS Analytics CEO Roy Bingham told Marijuana Business Magazine that the demand for cannabis-related data would grow at a rate of 40-50% per year. Fast forward to today and […]
  • Cannabis Industry Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices August 7, 2019
    Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote and generate brand awareness, sales, and loyalty for businesses in most industries, including the cannabis industry. Whether you’re a cannabis license holder selling products or services to other license holders or consumers or you’re an ancillary business selling products and services to cannabis license […]
  • The Value of Quality Data in the Cannabis Industry August 2, 2019
    We live in a world that relies on data, and this includes the cannabis industry. However, not all data is equal. A lot of the data that businesses use to make decisions, generate leads, and close sales every day is bad, and bad data hurts your bottom line. Here’s a sentence I want you to […]
  • Marijuana Migration – Who’s Moving and Why? July 26, 2019
    People have been talking about the marijuana migration since 2013 as legalization came closer to a reality in Colorado. What’s interesting is that it’s still happening six years later. The difference today is that many people are moving for different reasons then back in 2013. With adult-use cannabis now legal in 11 states and the […]
  • How to Write a Business Plan for the Cannabis Industry July 24, 2019
    Business plans are necessary for companies operating in all industries. For businesses in the cannabis industry, they’re even more important because they can help you get a license to operate and capital to fund your business – whether you need that funding to get started or expand. Writing a good business plan isn’t easy. It […]
  • Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry – Mid-Year 2019 Report July 22, 2019
    In Cannabiz Media’s 2018 cannabis industry point of sale vendor report, five vendors accounted for 80% of the market. Fast forward to mid-year 2019, and things look a lot different. Cannabiz Media’s new white paper, Point of Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry: Mid-Year 2019 Report, is now available for free download here. For the […]
  • The Rise of Marijuana Dinner Parties, Fine Dining, Painting Parties and More July 19, 2019
    Two out of three Americans (66%) support legalizing cannabis according to Gallup Poll data . This growing acceptance, combined with the growth of the marijuana industry and the approval of adult-use cannabis in 12 states (including the District of Columbia), has launched a wide variety of innovative cannabis businesses across the country. Creative entrepreneurs are bringing […]
  • The Challenges of Charity in the Cannabis Industry July 12, 2019
    Social good initiatives and giving back to the communities where companies operate is expected of businesses today, but what happens when charitable organizations aren’t willing to accept your business’ donations? It’s a problem that legal cannabis license holders have faced for years. Despite the fact that marijuana is now legal for medical and/or recreational use […]