Listing Options

Big Buds Guide invites you to add your business to our Dispensary List to help customers find you.

We currently offer the following listing terms. The prices shown below are introductory offer rates and we reserve the right to amend these at our discretion.

Subscribers will not be affected but an upgrade, if requested after the introductory period, will be subject to any revised rates applicable at the time an upgrade is requested.

FREE Listing - A free listing will enable you to display all of the following:-

  • The Name of your Business.
  • Business License - To comply with Legal Requirements this is a Compulsory Field. (but not visible to customers)
  • Type of business (Medical, Recreational or Both).
  • Address, Phone Number and email (if you chose to add these).
  • One Photo (we recommend a photo of your business premises so potential customers will recognise your shopfront).
  • Contact form to enable a visitor to send you an inquiry.
  • Display on Google Maps with a pop-up with your contact details when clicked.
  • Option to upgrade to a Paid Listing. To request an upgrade please use our contact form

Premium Listing - $20 per month - All the above - Plus:-

  • Up to Two Locations
  • A link to your website.
  • Links to any of the available list of Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.).
  • Up to 5 Photos.
  • Any features from the list available.
  • A list of Products Stocked
  • Opening Hours. (Which will enable visitors to your listing page to know if you are currently open.)
  • A description of your business enabling you to tell potential customers all about you. You have constant access to this to be able to amend the details, advertise offers, discounts, coupons, etc.
  • Date Established. (Optional)
  • Price Range. (Optional)
  • Add-on Promotion Options. Featured Listing - Banner Ads etc. (Only Available to Paid Plans)


Premium Plus - $45 per month - All the above - Plus:-

  • Up to 6 Locations
  • Up to 10 Photos for each Location

Platinum Plan - $100 per month  - As above - Plus:-

  • Unlimited number of locations.
  • Up to 10 photos per location.
  • 1 Video per location
  • Ideal for major dispensaries with a large number of outlets in many locations.

Featured Listing - $30 per month - Available with Paid Plans

Get your listing in front of your customers by displaying your details at the top of the page making it easy to connect to your full details. To obtain a Featured Listing please contact us via our contact form.

Paid Plans payable via PayPal and/or Credit Card.

Other payment options on request.

All of our plans are offered with no minimum contract period.  You can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Plans that are cancelled by the listing client or suspended due to non-payment can be re-instated at the current advertised plan rate may be subject to an additional administration fee.

Please select your choice of Plan to Add your Dispensary.