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Cannabis Profit Tips

more profit from cannabis

Need More Profits from Your Cannabis Products?

If you are wondering where all the money in growing cannabis went, read this article from a very experienced grower who has some insights about growing weed for money that might have escaped the small cannabis producer.

Joshua Haupt has been growing for a few years now.  Even though he still uses old technology (inefficient and costly HPS lighting), his basic message is right on point: “Focus on efficiencies, big time.”

Read his interview in MJBizDaily.  MaryJane Farmer  will try to post a longer interview with Joshua in the future, but take note of his interest in researching LED Grow Lights.  We know where the best LED Grow Lights can be found at the best prices, so check out our reviews too.


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Medical Marijuana (Machine Readable)


pills medical marijuana
Nature’s Remedy in A Bottle

We occasionally publish guest articles of note and here is one from a writer who has improved the original article on Medical Cannabis by making it compliant with accessibility standards. As this author writes, she is “the co-creator of Dopa, an alternative to Wikipedia that covers critical health subjects and meets 100% website accessibility standards (over 220 pages).” Accessibility standards are of course important to those who need machine-readable information, like my friend George Burrell Gary. Being blind did not stop him from climbing Kilimanjaro but it definitely makes the internet less available to . him in certain ways. So kudos to Dopa and to Tina Richardson. And here is the link to her improved version of the Wikipedia Medical Cannabis article.

This post originally published on 11-28-18 at

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Spooky Good Halloween Sale

Seeds, Tools, How-To Guides and Much Much More at this Halloween Sale from ILGM.  Check it out now.

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Cannabis Oil vs. CBD oil, What is the difference?

Cannabis oil vs. CBD oil

Cannabis oil and CBD oil have been known for their pain relieving and other beneficial properties. But many people confuse between the two. One of the reasons for this confusion is that both have cannabinoids. There is no regulatory guideline as well. Cannabis oil vs. CBD oil, what is the difference? There are some sharp differences between the two. Here we are going to discuss the differences.

CBD oil

CBD oil is used for medicinal purposes. It is useful in treating pain, sleeping disorders, epileptic seizures, pain, etc. CBD is a chemical compound that is extracted from the hemp plants. Both hemp and cannabis plants contain CBD.  But the hemp plant doesn’t contain THC which gives that ‘high’ or psychoactive effect. CBD has health benefits similar to that of THC. The advantage of CBD oil is that it is non-psychoactive.

Cannabis oil

It is an extract from the leaves of cannabis plants. It contains more than 100 active compounds. Among these CBD and THC are the most important ones. Cannabis oil is the extract that contains all the components of marijuana. It contains THC as well.  It is used for both medicinal and recreational drug.

Cannabis oil vs. CBD oil, what’s the difference?

Cannabis oil and CBD oil both have medicinal properties. They are beneficial for various health issues. Here are some of the significant differences between cannabis oil and CBD oil.

  • Cannabis oil contains a high percentage of THC compound that can alter the mind or produces ‘high.’ CBD oil, on the other hand, doesn’t contain THC. So, it is not addictive. It is beneficial in reducing depression, anxiety, and other diseases.
  • As CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, it is legal in all the states of U.S and Canada. It is also legal in Europe, except in Slovakia. Cannabis oil is legal in places where marijuana is legal.
  • Cannabis oil has more benefits over CBD oil as it has the THC compound. THC has anti-inflammatory properties and is an effective pain reliever.
  • THC and CBD in cannabis oil have anti-cancer effects. It can relieve pain. It is more effective in relieving pain than CBD oil.
  • CBD oil is a non-psychoactive substance, so it won’t give the ‘high’ that occurs due to the presence of THC. Perfect CBD Dosage doesn’t have side effects like paranoia, anxiety, eye dryness, etc. that may be associated with cannabis oil. Users can experience euphoric reactions by using cannabis oil.
  • CBD oil has higher concentrations of CBD and no trace or minimum trace of THC. Cannabis oil, on the other hand, has high traces of THC and low traces of CBD. So, CBD oil is safer to use.

Why is CBD oil better than cannabis oil?

The obvious reason why CBD oil is better than cannabis oil is that it doesn’t contain THC that causes a psychoactive reaction. Cannabis oil has a high amount of THC, so it’s illegal in many places. You will easily find CBD oil; whereas, you need to know the law of every state to use cannabis oil. CBD oil doesn’t have some of the side effects that people have when using cannabis oil. Moreover, CBD oil provides a lot of health benefits and is a safer option compared to cannabis oil.

When you buy CBD oil, you should read the labels to know the source of CBD. You should also see the ratio of CBD and THC. If you are looking for a natural and safe health supplement, then you can use CBD oil. Though the FDA does not yet approve CBD oil, many people are already discovering the benefits of CBD oil. Research works are still going on to find out more about the healing properties of CBD.

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Top 10 Best Dandelion Killer

best dandelion killer

Taking care of your garden is not a hard chore if you know what to do. Dandelions might look lovely but having them around might not be your idea of a delightful garden. Finding the Best Dandelion Killer will allow you to take care of the annoying weeds without affecting the health of your plants.

There are a lot of chemicals that claim to kill dandelions, but some of them might be harmful to other plants in your garden especially in the long run. Dandelions tend to spread fast and they are going to affect the health of your plants and damage the landscape you’ve spent time and effort to bring to life. This article is dedicated to people who want to take matters into their own hands. Buying the best products will make gardening jobs a breeze.

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Dandelion Killer?

To the naked eye, dandelions look like cheerful yellow flowers. But the truth is that this broadleaf weed can affect the health of all your plants. Dandelions have very deep roots that suck the nutrients out of your soil, limiting your other plants to the substances they need to flourish. They can grow in any type of soil and can survive in extreme weather conditions.

Even when you have removed the weeds, you will see that they can easily come back. The roots remain alive and healthy in the soil, waiting for the right moment to grow back again. Unless you have removed all the roots completely, the weeds will grow back. They might take years or weeks, but they will always grow back.

Removing dandelion roots by hand is not the most practical solution. No matter how careful you are, you will always miss some. The best weed killer for dandelions takes care of the roots that you can’t see.

Broad-spectrum herbicides will kill any grass or weeds that they get in contact with. While they can be effective at eliminating dandelions, they will also kill any green plants they get in touch with. Getting rid of the annoying dandelions will also kill your valuable plants. Moreover, these broad-spectrum herbicides are always too harsh. They can cause irritation so you need to be extra careful while dealing with them.

Buying a special product that takes care of dandelions is a smart decision. These products will target the annoying dandelions and will not affect the rest of your garden. A selective herbicide can be sprayed all over your lawn and nothing but the annoying weeds will get affected.

How to Choose the Best Dandelion Killer?

A farmer or professional gardener would know how to pick the best product to get rid of weeds. But if you are trying to take things into your own hands, then you might be overwhelmed by the number of products on the market. In this section, we will highlight a few factors that will help you choose the right dandelion killer for your garden or lawn.

Selective and Non-Selective Herbicides

Herbicides that are used to get rid of weeds like dandelion, clover and ground ivy are either selective or non-selective. Selective products will target your dandelions only. They will not affect any other plants in your garden or lawn even if they get in contact with them. These are used when you are trying to maintain your landscape or wish to help your plants grow faster.

Non-selective herbicides are used in driveways and sidewalks. This is where you want to get rid of the stubborn dandelions and other weeds but they will kill all the other plants as well. These will keep your area vegetation-free.


Weed killers are either pre-emergence or post-emergence. The pre-emergence products should be applied two or three weeks before the weeds start to appear. They will prevent them from growing and will keep your lawn weed-free.

If you are currently dealing with an invasion of annoying dandelions or other weeds, then you need to use a post-emergence herbicide. This has to be applied to the leaves and other visible parts of the plant to kill it.


This is another factor to consider when you are trying to maintain your own garden or lawn. Some products work fast but have to be regularly applied to keep weeds at bay. If you want to save some cash in the long run, then you probably need to look for a long-lasting product. This will stay effective long after it has been applied. You will probably have to wait weeks or months before you have to worry about dealing with weeds again.


The weather condition plays a great role in how potent your weed killer is going to be. Look for a product that becomes rainproof fast. This will guarantee that your weed killer will stay efficient and effective. It won’t get washed out by the rain and will kill the roots of the weeds.

Reviews of the Best Dandelion Killers on the Market

In order to pick a potent dandelion killer, you need to do some research so you can guarantee that the rest of your plants will always be in great health. In this section, we asked our experts to review some of the best products on the market. Go through our detailed reviews in order to pick the right one:

Fertilome Weed-Out Lawn Weed Killer

This amazing product is a mixture of 3 potent weed killers that will get rid of all the annoying weeds in your garden. It is strong enough to deal with more than 200 types of broadleaf weeds including stubborn dandelions that don’t seem to go away easily.

This weed killer is going to rid of ground ivy, chickweed, spurge, and wild onions. You can rest assured knowing that your plants will get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and in the best shape. This weed killer comes ready to use. You don’t have to mix it with any other chemical. You will save your time as you can use it as a spot treatment. Just apply it where the roots are young and growing and watch the weeds as they wilt fast. In a few days, you will see that the weeds are turning brown. But the best thing is that they will never come back. This is a concentrated formula that you have to dilute. It is going to last a very long time and shows good results within one week of application.

This weed killer eliminates different types of weeds without affecting your grass or garden. You can spray it on the annoying weeds and watch your plants become healthier.


  • A potent mixture of three strong chemicals.
  • Works to eliminate more than 200 types of broadleaf weeds.
  • Keeps your plants healthy.
  • Get rid of your weeds in less than 1 week.


  • Appropriate care must be taken when using it in warm weather.

Roundup Extended Control

The dual action formula makes this product the best spray for dandelions. It kills the stubborn weeds and keeps them at bay for up to 4 months. Spraying this product will keep your lawn and garden in the best shape.

This wonderful product is the best one to use on sidewalks, driveways, patios, fences as well as decorative rocks. It doesn’t affect your other plants so you can have the landscape you have always dreamt of. It kills the weeds to the roots and prevents new growth without any further application. This formula becomes rainproof in exactly 10 minutes which means that it will eliminate the stubborn weeds to leave room for your plants and shrubs. The dual action formula is fast acting and will show visible results in 3 hours.

This product is practical and very easy to use because it comes with an extended wand. You will be able to apply it with maximum accuracy in tight corners without bending over. If you are looking for a reliable product that will work fast then this is the one to pick.


  • Fast acting dual formula.
  • Kills the roots of weeds to prevent new growth.
  • Becomes rainproof in 10 minutes.


  • Heavy application is needed. You can’t use it for spot-spraying problematic areas.

Southern Ag 2, 4 – D Amine Weed Killer

This is an economical option for people who want to get rid of the annoying weeds without breaking the bank. This is a broad spectrum weed killer that can be used in the lawn, around fences, in pastures, and in ditch banks.

This weed killer is strong enough to get rid of woody plants as well. It is designed to treat large areas of land. It is the best weed killer spray to keep your landscape the way you want it because it doesn’t affect all your other plants. It doesn’t kill your grass or shrubs. As a matter of fact, your plants will become healthier because the weeds are not sharing nutrients. This is a strong weed killer that will help you maintain your garden the way you need to. It can successfully take care of dandelions, crabgrass, clover, and hawkweed.

Spraying this potent weed killer is easy and practical. Don’t use it heavily because it will take its time to work. The results are always satisfactory.


  • Generous amount that covers a large area of land.
  • Affordable and economical option.
  • Gets rid of different types of weeds.
  • Easily sprayed to get rid of broadleaf weeds and woody plants.


  • Takes a couple of weeks to show results.

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

This is an interesting product that features a dual action. It provides the needed nutrients that will keep your plants healthy while preventing the growth of annoying weeds. The 2-in-1 formula will help your plants grow faster and healthier and will prevent the growth of dandelions for up to 6 weeks.

Using this formula will make your lawn look better and greener. The formula will not affect your new grass but will target the annoying weeds that damage the look of your lawn. The formula works on different types of broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, dandelions, and clover. It is safe for seeding and is the perfect choice for sod and grass plugs. This is the perfect formula to choose after winter and in the early spring to help your lawn look green and healthy.

It should be used on actively growing plants to keep them healthy. It will help with seed germination to turn your lawn to the lovely green color.


  • A potent dual formula.
  • Feeds the grass and eliminates annoying weeds.
  • Targets broadleaf weeds without affecting the grass.
  • Works after winter to help your plants grow fast.


  • Should be applied regularly to get rid of weeds.

Ortho GroundClear Vegetation Killer

Do you want to get rid of weeds for up to one year? This weed killer will help you do that. This potent formula kills weeds and prevents no growth as it kills the roots.

This is the best option to get rid of weeds from the walkways, driveways, and fences. You don’t have to wait for weeks to see visible results because this potent formula works in a few hours. It is the best solution for people who want to get rid of broadleaf weeds forever. All you have to do to determine the grass or weeds you want to remove and then pick your desired method of application. You can use the sprinkler cap or tank sprayer. The comfort wand allows for more accurate application when you want to target certain plants while avoiding others. The sprinkler cap is the perfect solution for cracks and crevices.

This is a concentrated formula that you can use with water. Even if it rains after application, the formula will keep on working by killing the roots to keep weeds at bay. This is a potent weed killer that won’t disappoint you.


  • Potent concentrated formula.
  • Perfect for walkways, driveways, and fences.
  • Various methods of application.
  • Visible results within a few hours.
  • Results can last for up to one year.


  • The packaging design is not practical. There will be a lot of waste while transferring this product from and to the container.

Bayer Advanced All-In-One Lawn Weed

If you are looking for the best dandelion killer spray for lawns, then you need to consider buying this product. Not only does it get rid of dandelions, but it also eliminates more than 200 types of broadleaf weeds that can damage your lawn or garden.

The concentrated formula targets your weeds without affecting the rest of your lawn. It gets rid of dandelions, clover, and the stubborn ground ivy without affecting other vegetation in the area. It comes with detailed instructions that you can easily follow even if you are not an expert gardener. It targets the annoying grass and doesn’t affect the rest of your lawn or garden. You will be able to mow your lawn 2 days after the first application to make sure that everything is in great shape. This is a budget-friendly product that won’t disappoint you.

Don’t worry if it rains. This formula becomes rainproof in exactly one hour. This means that it will keep on doing its job by killing the annoying roots, leaving your plants in great health.


  • Affordable product.
  • Concentrated and potent formula.
  • Comes with detailed instructions.
  • Deals with more than 200 types of weeds.
  • Becomes rainproof in 1 hour.


  • A second application is needed for the best results.

Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns

Now you can have total control over more than 200 types of broadleaf weeds thanks to this amazing product. It works on dandelions and clover but it is specially formulated to get rid of crabgrass that usually takes a lot of time to eliminate.
One pack is enough to cover a very large area which makes it a budget-friendly product. It provides up to 5 months of weeds control without having to worry about a new application. At the same time, it will keep your plants in great health as it doesn’t harm your lawn. It doesn’t affect any of the roots of your shrubs or trees as it only targets the weeds. It is easy to use and doesn’t require much preparation; nevertheless, it will keep your lawn in perfect condition.
This formula works best when the weeds are actually growing. It will affect the crabgrass and other stubborn hard to get rid of weeds to give you the best results.


  • Formula that affects more than 200 types of broadleaf weeds.
  • Works on typically stubborn crabgrass.
  • Can cover a large area.
  • Keeps your lawn weeds-free for up to 5 months.


  • The granules are lightweight and dusty so you have to wear a mask while applying it.

PBI/Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

This product is the best to use if you want to see long-lasting and fast results. It is suitable for treating very large areas. This means that you will be saving more money in the long run as a little goes a long way.

After applying this formula you will be able to reseed your lawn in just 2 weeks. It is suitable for rapid and effective weeds control when you want to eliminate weeds for a very long time. It provides great performance in cold weather as it is very strong. At the same time, it doesn’t affect your lawn grass. This formula will get rid of dandelions, clover, ground ivy and other tough weeds that affect the health of your vegetation. It even works on creeping Charlie and wild violets that don’t get affected by other weed killers. Although this product is intended to treat large areas, it can be successfully used for spot treatments. Some of your weeds will take more time to show results but the formula always works.

Although some formulas can burn your grass especially in hot weather, you can still use this formula after the sunset when the temperature drops. It is a must-have.


  • Highly concentrated formula.
  • Works perfectly in cold weather.
  • Eliminates dandelions and other stubborn weeds.
  • Seeding can be done in 2 weeks.


  • Some weeds will require several applications until they completely disappear.

Monterey LG 5600 Spurge Power Herbicide

This product combines the benefits of 3 potent formulas that help you get rid of all weeds fast. The strong formula will help eliminate a number of stubborn broadleaf weeds that other products miss.

Using this herbicide will enable you to save your lawn and maintain your landscape. It will get rid of dandelions, clover, wild onions, wild violets, and creeping Charlie. Moreover, you will be able to re-seed your lawn in a couple of weeks with no problems whatsoever. Now you can you have the lawn you’ve always dreamt of because this formula will kill the roots and prevent the emergent of the new weeds. It can be used in both warm and cold weather successfully.

One pint of this product is big enough to cover large areas. It will take some time to work on different types of weeds but it will not disappoint you. Just follow the instructions and use it as directed to kill the weeds while keeping your plants in the best condition.


  • Combines 3 potent formulas to get rid of weeds.
  • Works on different types of broadleaf weeds.
  • Suitable for the warm and cool weather.
  • You can re-seed your lawn in 2 weeks.


  • Reapplication is necessary to make sure that the weeds are gone for good.

Sedgehammer Plus Turf Herbicide

You can use this product in residential and landscape areas because it gets rid of the annoying weeds. The packet contains 13.5 grams that are enough to prepare 1 gallon of herbicide that will eliminate the roots of weeds that are usually very difficult to get rid of.

The formula already contains a surfactant that promotes the action of the weed killer. The surfactant will prevent the formula from slipping and will guarantee that the weeds will wilt and disappear. This is a selective herbicide that will kill your weeds without harming your grass and shrubs. This is the best formula for post-emergent control of weeds. It even works on tough weeds like Bermuda and St. Augustine that don’t get affected by other products on the market.

The formula works in both cold and hot weather. It becomes rainproof in 4 hours so you can use it if rain is coming your way. It doesn’t affect your plants so it is the best choice for golf courses and landscape areas. This is the perfect choice for spot treatments.


  • Can be used to prepare a large amount of herbicide.
  • Contains a surfactant that improves the action of the formula.
  • Doesn’t affect your plants or shrubs.
  • Perfect for spot treatments.


  • Several applications might be needed.


Dandelions and other weeds are every gardener’s nightmare. They survive different weather conditions and seem impossible to get rid of. But they represent nothing in front of the right product. The Best Dandelion Killer is going to deal with those annoying weeds without affecting the health of your plants. Make sure that you pick a versatile and potent product that will do its job while giving your lawn the chance to grow healthily. Now, you can have the lawn or garden you’ve always dreamt of without having to hire a professional.

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Top 5 Best Rear Tine Tillers

Best Rear Tine Tillers

Taking care of your own garden is a liberating experience. It is a good chance to spend some productive time maintaining your garden while saving some cash in the long run. Buying the Best Rear Tine Tillers can make this possible. These machines are designed to till a large area of rough ground. Unlike front tillers, the blades are located at the back of the machine. This way they are more able to dig deeper into the ground, unlike front or garden tillers where the blades are located at the front of the machine.

Professional gardeners and gardening enthusiasts prefer using the Best Rear Tine Tillers because they are powerful. In this article, you will find enough information about some of the best-selling products on the market and how to pick the right rear tine tiller for your garden.

How to Pick the Best Rear Tine Tillers?

Rear tillers are the best machines to use when you are preparing your garden for new planting. They can dig and prepare a large area of unbroken virgin ground successfully. They are your go-to machines when you are trying to turn a part of your lawn into a garden. They are very safe to use especially when your machine hits a rock or an obstacle. The machine will move away from you instead of moving towards you.

Picking the right rear tine tiller depends on a number of factors. We asked our experts to highlight them in order to help you with choosing the right machine:


The first factor to consider is the engine. You want to make sure that your engine is strong enough to provide power that will allow your tines to cut through obstacles. 2-cycle engines are very powerful yet they are lightweight and affordable. If you want something that will last longer, then you might want to consider going for a 4-cycle engine. This is going to be more expensive but it is more fuel efficient and will produce less pollution. It is also more durable.

Engine size or cc reflects how powerful your engine will be. The higher the number of ccs, the more powerful your engine will be and the bigger torque and speed it will provide. Remember that you need to use a rear tine tiller for heavy duty jobs, so your engine size should be bigger than 200 ccs in order to work properly.

OHV engines have a lot of desirable advantages over non-overhead valve engines. They are lightweight and energy efficient. They will allow you to save some cash as they use less fuel in the long run.

Tilling Width

The wider the tines the faster your job will be finished. This is because wide tines can cover a large area of the soil in a single pass. However, you should always make sure that your tines are not too wide. Very wide tines are difficult to control and maneuver especially around corners. They are not suitable for small gardens.

If you are working on a wide piece of land, then wide tines will prove to be your best friends. You will be able to finish your job fast and while using less fuel.

Tilling Depth

Most rear tillers come with a feature that will allow you to adjust the tilling depth. Most machines can dig between 6 to 8 inches. However, 6 inches might not be enough for most planting purposes. If you are dealing with a very compact ground, then you need to pick a machine that can dig up to 10 inches at least. This will guarantee that the soil is ready for your next planting round.


Counter-rotating is very convenient when you are working on your garden. It guarantees that your machine will be stable and will allow for better control. This rotation mechanism is the one to look for when you are dealing with compact ground that has a lot of obstacles and rocks.

Forward rotating ensures that your machine will cut through different obstacles with no problems whatsoever. This mechanism is the best when you are dealing with soft soil as the tines move in the same direction as the wheels.

Dual rotating tines work forward and backward allowing for more versatility. You can pick forward rotation until you encounter a rough patch. At this point, you can switch to counter rotation.

Electric vs. Manual Start

The manual start is convenient as you pull a cord to get your machine started. But if you are looking for the best features, then you might think about splurging over a machine that you can start with a simple button click.

The electric start feature means that your tiller will cost several hundreds of dollars more than a traditional one. It is up to you to see if the ease of use and convenience is worth the price.


Good tires mean that you will be able to control your machine easily and successfully. High-quality tires will guarantee that your machine is easy to maneuver even when you are dealing with a challenging ground. They should provide excellent traction in all types of soil. They should also work perfectly on clay which tends to be more challenging.


Having at least one forward and one backward movement is a must. If your rear tine tiller moves in one direction, you might end up facing a big a problem in case it gets stuck. You should avoid models that don’t feature a reverse gear as they are impractical to use. More expensive models feature different speeds for various tilling purposes.

Reviews of the Best Rear Tine Tillers

Everybody has their own definition when it comes to defining the best product. But these products have proved successful by satisfying gardeners’ needs. By going through these reviews, you will learn enough information that can help you pick the right machine for your upcoming gardening chore.

Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026 17-Inch Rear Tine Tiller

This is a great product that is suitable for regular use. It is the best choice if you are looking for a sturdy and durable choice that will last for long.

The machine operates using a powerful engine that won’t disappoint you no matter how regular you use it. You can use it for plowing, ridging and cultivating thanks to the 17-inch blade. The high speed guarantees that you will be able to handle even the toughest jobs easily. The strong Briggs & Stratton engine operates front and rear gears for maximum control and maneuverability in your garden. Although this engine is extremely powerful, it is also fuel efficient. The counter-rotating tines will cut through any rocks successfully so you can finish your gardening jobs fast and in the best quality. The depth can be adjusted to 6 inches so you can cut through any surface.

This rear tine tiller has 2 wide and sturdy wheels that can work properly even in mud. They provide a great grip so you can easily set up and prepare the muddiest ground without sweating it. This machine is rather quiet, fast and very powerful.


  • Powerful engine.
  • Fuel efficient and quiet operation.
  • Counter-rotating tines can cut through the most compact ground easily.
  • Easy to control with front and reverse gears.
  • Good grip on muddy grounds.


  • Some models can dig a lot deeper than 6 inches.

Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller

Who said that the best garden tillers have to cost a lot? This amazing and versatile rear tine tiller is the perfect choice for larger and smaller gardens. It features forward and reverse gear drive system for better control.

This is the best rototiller as it is powered by a strong OHV engine that will never disappoint you. This overhead valve engine is more fuel efficient than non-OHV engines. It is also quieter when running through the toughest grounds. The 4-cycle engine is the best choice for tilling virgin grounds. The counter-rotating 11-inch tines are self-sharpening. They are perfect for tilling small areas successfully. They have more power than conventional tines and don’t have to be manually sharpened. Moreover, the tilling depth can be easily adjusted up to 10 inches which means that you will be able to dig through the toughest grounds successfully. The depth adjustment level will allow you to pick the exact depth that will work for your soil. This rear tine tiller starts quickly and successfully thanks to the simple and trustworthy design and assembly. It will work perfectly around corners for the best results.

This tiller features heavy duty 13-inch pneumatic tires that can easily handle rough terrains. This is a great bargain for anyone who wants to crush through tough soil or prepare the soil for the new season’s planting.


  • An affordable option.
  • Suitable for working in smaller areas and around corners.
  • 13-inch heavy duty tires.
  • 11-inch tines that can go through the toughest grounds.
  • Depth can be adjusted up to 10 inches.


  • You can’t adjust the speed.

Troy-Bilt Pony Gas Powered Electric Start Forward Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

This is the best small tiller that you can use on your virgin garden. The sturdy 1150 Series Briggs & Stratton 250cc Engine allows you to cut through the toughest ground with no problems whatsoever. The bronze gear transmission guarantees the best performance regardless of the condition of your garden.

This machine features sturdy forward rotating tines to shred the toughest grounds. The generous tilling width of 16 inches and a diameter of 12 inches guarantee that your garden will be ready in a fraction of the time. The patented design of the tines is unique and provides the best performance in digging and shredding your soil to perfection. You can also adjust the depth easily which is a great plus since some seeds have to be planted deep into the soil while others can survive the shallow depth. You can adjust the depth of the tines up to 7 inches. This machine operates on one single forward speed and power reverse.

The best thing about this rear tine tiller is the convenient electric start. Unlike other models, you won’t have to worry about starting your machine manually. One button click is all it takes to get your machine started and ready for action. It features sturdy 13-inch wheels with a front bumper that will allow for fast and smooth control. These tires provide great traction on the toughest and most challenging soils.


  • Powerful and reliable engine.
  • Electric start.
  • Unique forward rotating tines that provide the best performance.
  • Installed front bumper with sturdy 13-inch wheels for smooth operation.


  • Some plants require more depth for their roots.

YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller, 208Cc, Briggs & Stratton

This is another budget-friendly option that you can buy for the best gardening experience. The strong Briggs & Stratton 208 cc engine provides 190 rpm to cut through any ground easily. It is a sturdy and durable machine that will enable you to prepare your ground for the upcoming season.

This rear tine tiller features strong and sharp 18 inch wide tines that can overcome any obstacle easily. They can be adjusted up to 6.5 inches of depth to cater to all your seeding needs. This depth can be fine-tuned in 7 adjustments to give you the versatility you need to plant any seed of your choice. This tiller operates using single hand operation which is very convenient. The user has the chance to stand and steer from either side of the machine for maximum control and maneuverability. The self-sharpening 13-inch tines will not disappoint you because they are designed to handle the toughest grounds easily. This machine is the ideal solution for people who are looking for the best results in a reliable machine that doesn’t cost a fortune. It can rotate forward and backward to help you prepare your soil for cultivation purposes.

This machine is very easy to use and this is why both amateur gardeners and professional contractors prefer it over other products on the market. The drive system is supported by sturdy 13-inch wheels that allow for better control and grip. Moreover, the machine features safety shields that guarantee the user’s safety in the most challenging situations.


  • Strong engine to cut through the toughest soils.
  • Self-sharpening tines that can overcome different obstacles.
  • Single hand operation for maximum versatility.
  • Sturdy 13 inch wheels for better grip and control.
  • Safety shields.


  • It is not the best choice for new gardens.

Yard Machines Rear Tine Tiller

If you are looking for the best tiller for small and medium-sized gardens, then this is definitely the one to pick. This machine is not going to disappoint you as it cuts through your ground successfully without breaking the bank.

This rear tine tiller is powered by a reliable OHV engine. This engine provides better fuel efficiency in a lighter design that doesn’t jeopardize the reliable performance. This is also a great option for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint while preparing their gardens for the next planting. The 18-inch tilling width and the adjustable 6-inch tilling depth will allow you to cut through different obstacles easily. The 12-inch tines are made of sturdy steel and are paired with a 22-inch tine shield. Together they work to cut through any soil successfully to make sure that your garden is ready for whatever you have in mind. The shield also enhances the safety of the user while the tines provide the best performance. These counter-rotating tines will not disappoint you even when you are dealing with challenging soil.

This machine operates forward and in reverse. It is very convenient to use and store especially if you are not an expert. You will be able to use your machine in tight corners successfully.


  • Affordable durable machine.
  • OHV engine that provides better fuel efficiency.
  • 12-inch sturdy steel tines.
  • 22-inch tine shield for more safety.
  • Forward and reverse operation.


  • Not suitable for bigger gardens or when you need to cut deeper into the soil.


In order to handle different terrains and soil types, you have to invest in one of the Best Rear Tine Tillers. These machines are designed to cater to the needs of amateur gardeners and professional ones by cutting through different obstacles successfully. Most of the good products share the same features but each one stands out with one or two that can make it the right one for you. Go through the list and pick the one that will cater to your specific needs.

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Top 5 Best Butane for BHO

Best Butane for BHO

More and more people are currently interested in smoking BHO. Butane Hash Oil or wax is a sticky and gooey fluid that is extracted from weed using a liquid fuel, most probably butane. Finding the Best Butane for BHO is a must if you want to enjoy the best smoking experience.

There are a lot of ways to extract cannabinoids from cannabis. But the best one of them is to use a high-quality solvent like butane. It works to dissolve different parts of the plant where all the good ingredients get infused in the liquid. After removing the solid parts of the plant, you will end up with a clean and potent wax or oil that you can safely smoke.

The extracted resin is usually very concentrated and packed with THC. This is why you need to make sure that you are using the right type of butane. This will ensure that you will enjoy the smoking experience away from dangers during the extraction or inhalation process. This article is dedicated to all people who want to experience the best and safest smoking experience.

Why do you Need to Use the Best Butane for BHO?

BHO wax is usually extracted from the parts of cannabis that would generally be tossed out. This is why a lot of people are particularly interested in extracting BHO as it can pave the way to an interesting experience. Different parts of the plant including the stem and the flowers are packed into an extraction tube. After that, high-quality butane is run through the tube. This extracts the active ingredients and leaves you with sticky gooey oil that is very convenient to smoke. You need to make sure that you are using high-quality butane that will safely evaporate without affecting the quality of the extracted oil.

Butane is a solvent and a liquid fuel. When you are picking butane for BHO or any other oil extraction, you need to make sure that it doesn’t contain any impurities. Make sure that you are buying excellent quality fuel as the impurities can affect the quality and taste of the extracted oil or wax.

Clean butane guarantees that you will inhale clean BHO. Of course, there is a debate to whether it is safe to inhale BHO or not, but when you pick clean butane, you can guarantee that you are not inhaling any impurities. Industrial grade or dirty butane will leave a lot of residue in your extracted oil or wax. This will affect the taste and smell of the extracted oil. Make sure that you pick a refined and pure product that is intended for oil extraction.

How to Choose the Best Butane for BHO?

You don’t have to be an expert to extract the best BHO. All you need is to use the right tools and have access to high-quality butane. In this section, we will highlight a few factors that you should take into consideration while shopping for the best butane for oil extraction:


Of course, it is hard to say that you can find 100% pure butane that is available for commercial purchase. Nevertheless, you can do your research to buy high-quality butane that contains very few impurities. Some products contain impurities that will leave a residue in the extracted oil. This means that you will not end up with high-quality oil or wax that will be good enough to use. Make sure that used butane is thoroughly filtered. This will guarantee that you are going to end up with clean and safe butane that you can use to extract BHO or any other oil.


Butane products are either available for industrial use or for personal use at home. You shouldn’t buy industrial-grade butane to extract BHO. This butane can be further filtered in factories and other facilities where they have access to filtration machines. But if you are using butane to extract BHO at home, then you need to make sure that you are buying an excellent-quality product that you can safely use without having to worry about any further filtration. There are food-grade products that contain no impurities and will not affect the smell of aftertaste of the extracted oil. They are good enough to be used to extract a number of culinary oils that you can use for various purposes.


You need to make sure that the product you are buying is safe to use. Butane is packed in cans that you can use to extract oil or for other versatile purposes. You need to make sure that you will be able to use and store your can safely. This means that there should be no accidental misfires. Make sure that you store our butane can as instructed. This will ensure that the pressure inside the can always remain safe to avoid any accidents.


Even with the best butane, you need to make sure that it can be used for various applications. High-quality products will allow you to extract different oils that have a pure fragrance and taste. You can extract your own massage oils or make your scented candles at home. You can also use your butane to refill your lighter or start a campfire. Make sure that you are picking a high-quality product that you can safely use for different applications.

Reviews of the Best Butane for BHO

In this section, you will find reviews about some of the best products that you can use to extract BHO. You can go through the pros and cons in order to pick the most suitable product.

Colibri Premium Butane Fuel Refill for Lighter 3 Small Cans

If you are currently looking for the best butane for BHO extraction, then you definitely need to use this product. For an affordable price, you will receive 3 cans of high-quality butane that you can safely use to extract BHO for the best smoking experience.

This butane is pure and clean. It guarantees that you can run the extraction process without the risk of any accidental misfires. It doesn’t clog the burner valves in your lighter and doesn’t affect the smell or taste of the extracted BHO. The included butane is 5X filtered to guarantee that it is free of impurities. It is very easy to fill up and extremely versatile. You can use it to fill kitchen torches and lighters. The can is safe and very easy to use. This is the best butane to use if you are looking for fast and hassle-free extraction. It is one of the most favored products by beginners who are experiencing with extraction for the first time.

The can is small but a little can go a long way. It lasts a long time and the performance doesn’t deteriorate when you store it for future use.


  • High-quality butane that is free of impurities.
  • Small cans that last a long time.
  • Versatile applications.
  • The can is very easy to use.


  • There is no way to tell how much butane is left in the can.

Whip-it! Refined Butane Fuel

Buying this product guarantees that you will have access to the purest butane. It is versatile and can be used for various applications. Using this butane for BHO extraction guarantees the cleanest extraction process. The yield is premium quality compared to what you receive from other products.

Each can comes with a number of adapters that fit various applications. You receive a generous amount for a good price. This guarantees that you will always have access to the purest and cleanest butane whenever you feel like extracting BHO. It is a good idea to buy this product instead of buying 1 or 2 cans every now and then. Even when you are not using this liquid fuel for BHO extraction, you can use it to refill your lighter or kitchen torch. The cans are very well-made. They will not get cold during the extraction process. This means that you will always be safe while using this butane.

This is an affordable option because you receive a big amount for a budget-friendly price. The product is so clean so it won’t affect the smell or taste of the extract oil or wax. You will end up with light yellow oil that is excellent for a smooth smoking experience.


  • Receive a big amount at an affordable price.
  • Pure butane that contains no impurities.
  • Good for various applications.
  • Big cans that can last a long time.
  • Cans don’t get cold during the extraction process.


  • Some of the attachments are difficult to use.

Ronson 99146 2 Large Lighter Butane

Are you looking for the best butane to use for BHO? This is an excellent product that you can use to extract BHO for an unforgettable experience. The price is extremely affordable so you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.

The butane is high-quality and pure from impurities. It doesn’t leave an aftertaste or affect the smell of the extracted oil. This guarantees that the success of the extraction process and the quality of the extracted oil. The cans are versatile and very easy to use. You can use the butane to extract oil in the comfort of your home, or you can use it to fill your lighter. It is so clean and safe to use so you can easily use it to refill culinary torch. Using the can is very easy. You don’t have to be an expert to use it for various purposes. Thanks to this butane you will be able to make your own scented candles or extract BHO for the ultimate smoking experience.

The cans are very well designed and don’t leak. The fuel works for whatever the purpose you choose. The butane doesn’t clog any valves and is always good to use.


  • An affordable option.
  • Pure butane that contains no impurities.
  • Safe to use.
  • Versatile applications.
  • Cans don’t leak.


  • The cans don’t last for long.

Puretane N-Butane Food-grade Triple

This is by far the Best Butane for BHO. The food-grade butane can be used to extract various oils successfully. It is clean and free of impurities so you can safely use it at home without worrying about an aftertaste or smell.

When you buy this product you can guarantee the high standard of quality. This means that you will be able to extract clean BHO that has no peculiar smells or weird aftertaste. The butane is filtered and doesn’t contain any impurities. This means that you will end up with pure extracted oil that is very convenient to use. The cans are made of high-quality plastic that is lined with aluminum. The cans don’t contain any lubricants or additives that might affect the quality of butane in the long run.

You can use this butane for various applications. It can be used to light up your campfire, fill your lighter or put your culinary torch into action. This is the best option to consider when you are looking for a reliable product that will last for long.


  • High-quality butane.
  • Contains no impurities.
  • Food-grade quality that is safe for oil extraction.
  • Versatile applications.


  • More expensive than other products.

Vector Quintuple Refined Butane Fuel – 3 Pack

Are you looking for a reliable product that won’t disappoint you? If this is the case, then you are in luck. This high-quality butane is the best to use whether you are extracting BHO or any other oil.

This is excellent-quality butane that will allow you to extract clean BHO. It doesn’t affect the quality of the extracted oil because it doesn’t contain any impurities the way other products do. The butane is cold filtered through a 14 step process that guarantees that all impurities are removed before it reaches your hand. You don’t have to run your own distillation process to use clean and safe butane. For the price you pay, you will receive 3 packs that are designed to last for long. This butane is suitable for various applications. You can safely use it to refill your lighter or your kitchen torch. Don’t worry if this is your first time to extract BHO. This butane will guarantee that you will have the best experience. You will always end up with smooth and pure taste.

The butane doesn’t clog any jets and is guaranteed to last for long. It can be used for various applications successfully.


  • High-quality butane.
  • Suitable for BHO extraction because it contains no impurities.
  • Filtered through a 14 step process.
  • Suitable for various applications.


  • The nozzle is not very sturdy.


Whether you have been extracting BHO for long or trying it for the very first time, you need to make sure that you are using the Best Butane for BHO. Using clean and pure solvent guarantees that there will be no impurities that can affect the quality of the extracted oil. Make sure that you buy a pure and safe product that will have no aftertaste or affect the quality of the resin. The results can be mind-blowing.

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Top 7 Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room

best carbon filter for grow room

Carbon filters are widely used to remove unwanted odors and smells. Carbon is a popular component in water and air filters as it does a great job at removing impurities and unwanted nasty odors. Installing a carbon filter is essential if you are growing your own indoor plants especially cannabis and flowers. Growing plants involves using fertilizers and pesticides that are very beneficial for the plant but will cause a foul odor that can linger. If you are looking for the best carbon filter for grow room then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are growing cannabis or your own edible herbs and plants, you might end up dealing with a nasty smell that travels beyond your grow room. This strong odor will make it inconvenient to grow your plants at home. This is why it is a wise decision to invest in an excellent carbon filter. If you are fond of growing cannabis, flowers or other plants in your own grow room, then this article is for you.

Why do you Need to Buy the Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room?

Eliminating bad odors is essential for the health of everybody living in your household. Growing your plants is great but the stinky smell can be to endure. Water, pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers provide great benefits to your plants but they cause a lingering unbearable smell that will be extremely uncomfortable in the long run.
A carbon filter will improve the quality of the air in your grow room and your house as a whole. It also eliminates compounds that can make your plants sick. Humidity and heat create the perfect environment for fungi and bacteria to grow. Removing these impurities means that your plants will always be in perfect health.

How to Pick the Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room?

Carbon filters are very popular among people who grow flowers, cannabis, and hydroponics. This is because growing plants in an enclosed environment can cause a lot of annoying odors. These filters are versatile and can be used for a lot of other applications.

Finding the right product is not difficult if you know what to look for. Here are some features that you need to think about before picking the right carbon filter for your grow tent:


The housing of the carbon filter should be made of a sturdy metal that can last for long. Aluminum is lightweight and quite affordable. It is one of the best options if you want to buy a budget-friendly filter that doesn’t cost much. Steel filters are more durable but they are also more expensive.

You need to make sure that your filter is designed to resist corrosion. Planting cannabis, flowers, and other plants in your grow room involves using a lot of chemicals. These chemicals might cause corrosion that will affect the performance of your carbon filter. You need to make sure that the body of the filter is properly protected and coated.

Quality of Carbon

Activated carbon is one of the most absorbent materials on the planet. It can absorb smoke, pungent smells and different impurities that affect the quality of air in your house.

Carbon comes from different sources and some types are more absorbent than others. You need to make sure that your carbon is of high-quality and is machine packed. Machine packed carbon means that there will be no movement in the particles which will ensure that all the contaminants are properly filtered.


A cone-shaped design will maximize the airflow. You need to make sure that your carbon filter is designed to deliver clean and fresh air by absorbing air from all directions. Open mesh guarantees that better air will be delivered in your grow room. Some models are potent at doing the job due to their open mesh design. This will guarantee that they are better at controlling odors.


You are mainly buying your carbon filter to install in your grow room. But good filters can improve the quality of air anywhere you choose to install them. A good carbon filter will remove the annoying smells from your kitchen or bathroom. You can also install it in the storeroom that has been locked for years in order to improve the overall quality of the air.

Good filters can be combined with strong fans that will deliver better and cleaner airflow. Make sure that you buy a good model that will keep the air smelling clean and fresh.

Reviews of the Best Carbon Filters for Grow Room

iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

The first product on our list is the best carbon filter for grow tent. It contains activated carbon which does a great job at absorbing bad odors and impurities. It features a 4-inch flange duct and has a length of 12 inches. The airflow is 200 CFM to guarantee the best performance.

The reason this product is extremely popular is that it uses 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 Activated Carbon. This is one of the most absorbent carbons in the whole world. It does a great job at absorbing bad odors that can affect the quality of the air in your grow tent and house. It is supposed to last for up to 2 years cleaning the air and keeping it smelling fresh. The reversible flange means that you can flip it upside down for an extended use. The pre-filter lasts for up to 6 months and needs to be replaced to guarantee that the quality of performance. The filter comes with 53% open area which means that it is effective in odor management. The filter is designed to soak up and eliminate the bad smells and chemicals in the air.

This product is very easy to set up. Installing this carbon filter will improve the quality of the air in any room. It increases the airflow and keeps your grow room clean and healthy.


  • Contains one of the most absorbent activated carbons.
  • Reversible flange for an extended use for up to 2 years.
  • 53% open area for better odor management.
  • Eliminates bad smells and chemicals.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It is a bit too loud.

Phresh 701005 Carbon Air Filter

Finding the best carbon filter means that you will have fresh air in your grow room and all around the house. This product is packed with RC-48 activated certified virgin carbon bed which does a great job at absorbing annoying odors that can affect the quality of the air in your tent.

Although the price of this filter is steep compared to other products, it can be easily justified by the amazing features and benefits it provides. You can expect the carbon to have minimal movements because it is machine packed so it keeps on performing its job for a very long time. The Anti Air Bypass system guarantees the best air circulation. This will remove the foul odors in your grow tent by purifying the air. The top and the base are made of high-quality lightweight aluminum that is meant to last for long.

The cone-shaped internal base optimizes the airflow. It features 51% open air custom mesh for better odor management. It comes with batteries and is very easy to install.


  • Aluminum lightweight filter.
  • Packed with virgin carbon to absorb bad odors.
  • Minimal movement for better performance.
  • Anti Air Bypass for optimized air circulation.
  • Open air custom mesh for better odor management.


  • More expensive than other products on the market.

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor

You can improve the air circulation in your grow room using this product. By installing the best fan for grow tent, you will be able to get rid of all the nasty odors to keep your grow room and house clean.

This combo features a high-quality carbon filter and a fan to remove the nasty smells. The filter features 1050+ RC 48 Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed which does a great job at absorbing odors and impurities from the air. The powerful airflow fan moves the air in your target location at 2450 RMP. Whether you are growing cannabis or have a hydroponics grow room, you have to use this efficient carbon filter to get rid of the pungent odors that can make life uncomfortable. The filter and fan work together to improve the airflow of filtered air thus improving the condition in your grow room. The filter features a reversible flange making sure that it will last for long. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the filter can last for up to 2 years. The 53% open mesh design guarantees better airflow.

Installing this filter is a must even if you don’t have a grow room. This is a versatile product that you can install in the kitchen, bathroom or greenhouse. It is also suitable for industrial applications and can be safely installed in hospital rooms.


  • A carbon filter and fan in one package.
  • Australian Virgin Charcoal that absorbs impurities.
  • Strong fan.
  • 53% open mesh to improve the airflow.
  • Versatile applications.


  • It is loud.

CoolGrows 4 inch Air Carbon Filter

Are you looking for a high-quality and budget-friendly carbon filter? Look no more. This amazing product comes in 3 different sizes to cater to various needs. It features a pre-filter design which does a great job at eliminating annoying odors in your grow room or anywhere you choose to install this product.

The filter is made of a galvanized sheet which is more durable than aluminum. This means that it can endure different conditions and is going to last for a very long time. The premium zinc-anodized steel doesn’t get affected by the chemicals that are usually used in grow rooms. The filter is designed to resist corrosion and to purify the air in your grow tent, kitchen or bathroom. It functions using 1050+ IAV Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed which absorbs impurities and pungent odors. The packed carbon is guaranteed to deliver 99.8% filtered air.

The outer mesh is designed with 53% open area to optimize the airflow in your grow tent. Your plants will grow faster and stay healthy while you can enjoy the fresh and clean air. This filter can be easily paired with a fan for an improved air quality.


  • Galvanized sheet carbon filter that resists corrosion.
  • Contains 1050+ IAV Australian Virgin Charcoal to absorb impurities.
  • Delivers 99.8% filtered air.
  • 53% open area for optimized airflow.
  • Can be paired with a fan.


  • You will need a bigger size especially if you have a big grow room.

Growneer 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter

This is the best carbon filter for grow room if you are looking for an affordable option. It is designed to eliminate the pungent odors in an enclosed environment in your grow room. This will help your plants grow faster and healthier.

This amazing filter will keep your grow room clean and your house healthy. It features 1050+ IAV Australian raw charcoal which is one of the most absorbent materials. It eliminates ill-smelling particles that affect the quality of the air in your grow room which spreads to other parts of your home or facility. The cone-shaped design guarantees the maximum utilization of all the activated carbon for best results. The flange and bottom are reversible. This means that you can reverse the charcoal canister to make sure that it will last for long. This feature provides extended and improved use.

This is a versatile product that can be used for various applications. Whether you install it in your grow room, your kitchen or bathroom, you will always be able to enjoy the fresh and clean air.


  • Budget-friendly carbon filter.
  • Features Australian raw charcoal to absorb bad odors.
  • Cone-shaped design to maximize the use of the activated carbon.
  • The filter flange and bottom can be reversed for longer use.


  • Should be used with flexible venting as the flange is slightly larger than 4 inches.

OdorStop HEPA Air Purifier with H13 HEPA

This wonderful HEPA filter is guaranteed to deliver the cleanest and healthiest air. It is the best choice for anyone who wants to have the cleanest indoor room. It works to remove impurities from your grow room or anywhere you choose to install it.

This filter features 5 efficient technologies that can purify the air and improve its quality. It features a Pre-Filter, an H13 HEPA Filter, an Active Carbon Filter, a UV and TiO2 Photocatalytic Filter, in addition to an Ionizer (Anion) to improve the quality of the air. The pre-filter filters out the big particles. The HEPA filter removes almost 99.97% of the 0.3 microns while the activated carbon filter removes the nasty odors. This means that you will be able to enjoy excellent air that will help your plants grow faster. You can install this filter in your kitchen, barn, or anywhere you want to remove annoying odors. It offers a 360-degree air intake and this means that it will last for long. You can set this filter up to work for as long as you need it to by using the timer. It also features a sleep mode and an auto mode for maximum convenience. You can pick between 5 different speeds to provide the best air quality.

Using this filter guarantees that you and your indoor plants will always have access to clean and fresh air. The filter features a special display that shows how pure the air is.


  • Utilizes 5 different technologies to improve the quality of the air.
  • HEPA filter removes airborne impurities.
  • Activated carbon filter eliminates nasty odors.
  • 5 different speeds.


  • You will have to use the highest setting to remove the nasty odors, especially in a big grow room.

Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter

This is a high-quality product that features top grade RC-48 Charcoal Carbon from Western Australia. It does a great job at eliminating odors and removing the pungent smell from your grow room or greenhouse thus improving the health of your plants and the overall quality of the air.

The active carbon is machine packed with small granules. This means that it contains almost 15% more than the activated carbon that you can find in other products. It is specially designed to eliminate bad odors in your grow room or tent. Combined with a high-quality fan, you will be able to enjoy fresh and clean air that will help your flowers, hydroponics, and cannabis grow faster and healthier. Moreover, this filter can be installed anywhere in the house where you want to have access to clean and fresh air.

For the price you pay, you will receive 2 washable pre-filters. The aluminum flange and base are very easy to install. You will be able to enjoy better performance thanks to its sleek design and high-quality components.


  • High-quality aluminum flange and base.
  • Sleek design.
  • Features top grade RC-48 Charcoal Carbon from Western Australia.
  • Comes with 2 washable pre-filters.
  • Easy to install.


  • There is likely going to be some charcoal around the housing.


Buying and installing the best carbon filter for grow room is a must if you are growing cannabis or flowers in a grow room. A good filter will improve the quality of the air to help your plants grow faster and healthier. It will also remove the pungent smell that can annoy you in the long run. By going through our article, you will be able to have a good idea about some of the best products on the market. Make sure that you buy a high-quality product that will remove annoying smells while improving the quality of air. Your plants will stay healthy and your grow room will always smell clean and fresh.

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Best Weed Grinders – Herb Grinder Reviews 2018 | Smoke Better!

Best Weed Grinders

Why do you need a weed grinder? Smokers and vapers know the answer. Grinding your marijuana makes it smoke better and last longer.

Grinding gets rid of stems so that the smaller bud pieces give you a cleaner burn.

A weed grinder can also help you collect kief for a higher high.

You’ll save more by grinding marijuana, instead of breaking it up with your fingers and losing a lot of resin. If you’re growing it yourself, you won’t want to waste any of that hard work.

To help you get the most out of your cannabis, we researched the top herb grinders for you in this review. Get one, get two, and you’ll always have a grinder with you.

Best Weed Grinders on the Market

Once your bud’s harvested and trimmed, you may well be looking to prepare it to smoke or vape. We’ve looked at the best weed grinders on the market and selected a wide range to choose from. Hopefully you should find one here to suit your own unique needs, aesthetic and budget. (Also, check out our Gift Ideas post for a few more grinder recommendations.)

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher – Large 2.5 Inch 4 Piece, Black Aluminum – Best Budget Grinder

We’ll begin with a very popular herb grinder from Platinum Grinders. It’s a best seller because the price is great for the quality product you get. At 2-1/2-inches tall, it’s larger than some of the other grinders in this review so you grind what you need at once.

Platinum Grinders milled the four pieces from black aircraft grade aluminum. It looks professional and discreet and it resists scratching, flaking, and rusting. When you hold it in your hand it feels nice and it’s easy to use. The textured surface on the top and bottom pieces help you keep your grip while you grind.

Put your nugs into the top piece. The 49 diamond-shaped cutting teeth inside make quick work of grinding buds. The ground pieces fall into the middle part and the finest pollen collects on the steel mesh screen in the bottom piece. Platinum Grinders includes a pollen scraper so you can collect this dust, or kief, to add to a bowl later.

The grinder has neodymium magnets to keep it sealed shut. That protects your weed to keep it fresh and it keeps odor to a minimum.

Platinum Grinders offers a warranty with a 100% money-back guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with this grinder.

Zip Grinders – Large Herb Grinder – Four Piece with Pollen Catcher, 3.25 Inches Tall – Premium Grade Aluminum – Best Big Weed Grinder

Zip Grinders sells an even larger four-piece grinder. It’s 3-1/4-inches tall so you can grind up to 6 tablespoons at once. Plus, it’s actually two grinders in one. You can remove the clear center chamber so that it becomes a three-piece pocket-size grinder.

Of course, besides cannabis, you can grind up culinary herbs like basil or oregano. It works best if the herbs or your buds are dried first.

There are 49 diamond-shaped teeth for grinding and a 100-micron mesh screen for collecting pollen or kief. The acrylic window in the lid and the clear center chamber let you see at a glance what’s inside. But don’t worry about spills; there are magnets to keep it sealed so your weed stays fresh.

Zip Grinders offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Zip Grinders – Large Spice & Herb Grinder – Four Piece with Pollen Catcher – 3.25 Inches Tall (2.5″, Gold)

Here’s another large grinder from Zip Grinders. No, it’s not discreet. This is flash to show off your stash. It’s gold CNC-milled aluminum with a transparent window and a clear center chamber.

Take away the clear center piece and the grinder converts in a pocket-size version. The 49 sharp diamond-shaped teeth make quick work of nugs, herbs, and tobacco. Pollen collects on the 100-micron steel mesh at the bottom. You can collect it with the pollen scraper they include in the box.

Neodymium magnets keep your grinder sealed shut so it won’t spill even if you drop it. Like they do on their other models, Zip Grinders offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder – Nickel Black

If you want a smaller grinder that fits better in your pocket, check out this handsome nickel black zinc alloy one from Golden Bell. Although it has 4 pieces like the larger grinders above, it measures just 2 x 2 x 1.5 inches in size. There are only 30 teeth but they make quick work of crushing up herbs and weed.

Of course, it has a magnetic closure, a mesh screen for pollen collecting, and comes with a scraper. Golden Bell offers a lifetime warranty.

Zip Grinders – Pagoda Tower Spice & Herb Grinder – Four Piece with Pollen Catcher – Premium Grade Aluminum (2.5″, Black)

If you liked the larger Zip Grinders above, but they are a little too large or flashy, take a look at this 2-1/2-inch tall Pagoda Tower Spice and Herb Grinder. It’s made from CNC precision-milled aircraft grade aluminum in a discreet black color.

The glide rings and sharp teeth grind smoothly through buds while the pollen collects on the 100-micron mesh screen below. Zip Grinders say you can use this one to crush fresh herbs as well as dried ones. If you’re not happy with it, just return it for the money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Ohuhu 4 Pieces 2.38″ Tobacco Grinder/ Spice Grinder/ Herb Grinder/ Weed Grinder with Mill Handle (Hand Mill), Elegant Black

If you’re not a fan of twisting to grind, take a look at this Weed, Tobacco, Spice, and Herb Grinder from Ohuhu. It has a mill handle right on the top that you spin to crush your cannabis. Looks kind of like something you’d see in a kitchen somewhere, right?

The body is constructed from zinc alloy and has a 4-piece, 3-chamber design. The large clear top lets you view how well it’s working while you grind, but the magnetic closure keeps it from spilling your secrets. Since it’s just 2-1/4-inches tall, it’s pocket-sized.

Users have commented that it grinds quietly and smoothly. It comes with a kief scooper so you can collect the pollen from the mesh screen after you grind.

Sharpstone Version 2.0 Clear Top Grinder – New, Improved and Redesigned, Black

You may have heard of Sharpstones. Their brand name is like another noun for a grinder. This one is an authentic serial-numbered Sharpstone in a new, updated design. It comes with a protective cloth carrying pouch.

Sharpstone has added features like a transparent magnetic top to compete with other brands filling the grinder market. This model measures 2.8 x 2.5 x 2.6 inches so it’s somewhere in the middle between the large ones from Zip Grinders and pocket-size ones like the Golden Bell.

Cali Crusher Herb Grinder 4 Piece Blue

Cali Crusher sells this bright blue beauty. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum, has a stainless steel mesh collector screen, and comes with a custom pollen scraper. It’s about 2 inches in diameter to keep it in the pocket-size range.

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder – Gun Metal

Here’s another small but powerful 2-1/2-inch grinder from Chromium Crusher. It has a 500-micron mesh screen to catch kief. Its body is milled from zinc and aluminum. This high level of durability is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

Check latest price on Amazon

Sharp Shredda stands behind their grinder with a stress-free money-back guarantee. They point out some key features that you may appreciate if you’re already a smoker.

One, they guarantee that the grinder’s razor sharp teeth won’t break or flake, nor will they pulverize your weed into dust. They include a pollen scraper so you can collect the kief it does create from the mesh screen at the bottom.

Like most grinders these days, this one has a magnetic closure to keep your weed fresh. It’s small at just two inches in size and it comes with a carrying pouch.

Alternative grinders – Make America Grate Again?

What’s that you say? That these pocket-size grinders aren’t really pocket-size at all? Sure, you can tell mom and dad that’s just your container of Carmex, but what if they tell you to turn out your pockets? Hmmm…

We found a solution for you. Check out these grind cards below. They will fit in your wallet or work as a bookmark between the pages of that textbook you’re supposed to be reading. However, grater cards might be a better description than grind cards…

Grinder cards from V. Syndicate

What works like a cheese grater to crush up your weed? A Grinder Card from V. Syndicate. They come in various grades of grind surfaces, from fine to medium and coarse, so pay attention to which ones you choose.

Don’t worry about taking skin off your knuckles. They are actually pretty finger-friendly and safe to use.

If you’re worried about the purity of your product, these cards are all made from medical-grade stainless steel. You can clean them with alcohol.

V. Syndicate Classic V Grinder Card

Grind surface: medium

V. Syndicate Ace of Spades Playing Card Herb Grinder Card

Grind surface: medium

Roaring Lion- V Syndicate Grinder Card

Grind surface: coarse

Alice in Grinderland White Rabbit Grinder Card

Grind surface: fine, medium, and coarse

Alice in Grinderland Cheshire Cat

Grind surface: medium and coarse

Grinding accessories

Pollen scrapers are tiny and easy to lose. But they’re invaluable for getting kief out of the kief catcher. So here are some replacements—as well as a few other useful smoking accessories.

5 Piece Pollen Kief Keef Scrapers for Tobacco Herbs Grinders

If you’re not picky about your pollen scrapers, these are inexpensive. They have a little hole punched in them so you can stick them on a keychain.

Herb Grinder Pollen Scrapers – Zip Grinders (6, Clear)

These are clear plastic pollen scrapers for your kief.


If you like to roll your own, you can fit up to 4 grams into one of these Zig Zag wraps. That’s like a king-size cigar. They have a variety of flavors like grape, melon, and Dragonberry.

If you use a rolling machine, these need one that’s 120mm or 4-3/4-inches.

RAW Classic Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers 79mm 1 1/2 Size Pack (6 Packs)

These classic RAW rolling papers don’t mess with the natural flavor of your weed. They’re made from unbleached flax and hemp and work with filter tips.

RAW 79mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

If you suck at hand-rolling, there’s no shame in that. Use this RAW rolling machine made from hemp plastic. It fits the 79mm papers listed above.

RAW Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cone 32 Pack (1 1/4 Size)

Let them roll cones! These unbleached organic papers made from hemp make for an unflavored, easy way to roll your own blunts.

Newness Stainless Steel Modern Tabletop Ashtray with Lid

This is a nice-looking stainless steel portable ashtray with a lid. It’s about 4 inches in diameter.

Bic Lighter Classic, Full Size, 12 Piece

You’ll always have a light when you need one. Here’s a dozen inexpensive Bic lighters at one cheap price.

GSTAR 11″ Premium 1 Hose Hookah Complete Set

This is a good deal if you’re looking to buy your first hookah.

Anodized Aerospace Aluminum Pollen Press with 3 Metal Dowel Rods by Interplanetary Development

We’ve mentioned kief like eight times already. What is it? It’s pollen, it’s the magic dust from trichomes that gives you a better high.

Interplanetary Development sells this Pollen Press made from aerospace aluminum. It contains rods of different sizes to press your pollen into concentrated hash.

Alternative ways to grind

If you don’t have your grinder with you, there are other ways you can break up buds without using your fingers and wasting all the resin.

Cut or chop it

Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut the nugs in a cup or bowl. You’ll probably get some hash on the blades.

Pill bottle and coin

Take an empty pill bottle and put the buds inside with a clean coin. Put the lid on tight. Shake the bottle until the weed is broken up enough for you.

Grinding FAQ

Q: What is Kief?

A: Kief, keef, or kif is the dust from the resin-covered hairs or trichomes of cannabis. (It’s also a city in North Dakota.) It’s got a high concentration of THC, one of the psychoactive cannabinoids. Collect it from your grinder’s mesh screen and press it into hash or hashish. You can smoke it or vape it. If you go to Morocco, kif is also the name for a mix of marijuana and tobacco that’s smoked in a long pipe.

Q: Why bother grinding with a grinder?

A: If you break up buds and flowers with your hands, you’ll get resin on your fingers and basically waste it in most cases. Chopping with scissors or a knife does the same thing. Grinders are handy because you get a smoother grind with good texture for rolling and smoking, plus you can collect the kief or pollen. They’ll also come in handy when making edibles.

Q: What kind of weed grinder is best for making edibles?

A: When making edibles you’re looking for something that will give you a nice fine grind—the finer the better. Why? Because when you’re making your oil or butter you want the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes to leech out into the fat. A finer grind means more of the surface area of your bud is exposed, making the whole process much more efficient. The Platinum Grinder above should do the trick—turn it upside down for a finer grind. Or if you’ve got a bit more cash to spare, the Kannastör Gr8tr V2 is renowned for giving a particularly fine grind.

Q: Do you need to grind if you vape instead of smoke?

A: It’s a really good idea to grind up for vaping or vaporizing marijuana. It evens out the burn and the flavor and reduces the risk of combusting the weed.

Wondering which grinders they’re using? One is a Zip Grinder (see above). Or click here for the red/pink Santa Cruz Shredder.


If you’re new to grinding weed, you can feel good about choosing any one of the grinders we’ve reviewed today. We did our best to choose top quality grinders with the best value for the money.

If you’re looking for both a portable model and a larger grinder, consider getting one of the Zip Grinders that convert between three and four pieces.

Don’t ever settle for plastic grinders. They tend to chip and flake. Stick to aluminum and zinc alloy for best results.


Check back soon for reviews of the best products for enjoying marijuana to the maximum. And check out our home page if you’re a grower for our selection of the latest and greatest LED grow lights.

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10 of the Best Hydroponics Grow Boxes

Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet - Best hydroponics grow boxes

Hydroponics Grow Boxes are an efficient way of easily growing plants inside your home or office. These grow boxes are usually light, fully automated and air tight in nature. It is recommended for those who have small space to grow things which they would not like others outside to know about. Most of the grow boxes that are available in the market have the ability of growing anywhere between 4 to 15 adult plants at a time. Depending on the need and type of plantation, planters may select any of the following 10 best Hydroponics grow boxes reviewed below:

Box Model Features Price
General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box


  • Premium biological plant foods & supplements
  • 16 oz. BioThrive Grow & Bloom fertilizers
  • 8 oz. of GO liquid supplement
  • Lightweight

Check latest price on Amazon


EMSCO Group Hydropickers Hydroponic Grow Box – Non-Electric

EMSCO Group Hydropickers Hydroponic Grow Box – Non-Electric


  • Electricity not needed
  • Channelized dispersion to roots
  • Accelerated growth for plants
  • Compact design

Check latest price on Amazon


Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box


  • Available in 2 and 3 foot options
  • Comprehensive email and tech support
  • Supports growth of 6 plants
  • High quality finish

Check latest price on Amazon


Kush Cabinet 4 Foot Hydroponic Grow Box


  • 4 foot tall
  • 100 watt XL sized flower bulbs
  • Mid-section shelf included
  • All-Inclusive package

Check latest price on Amazon

Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet


  • 100% odor filtration
  • Supports growing 9 plants at a time
  • Optical lenses for canopy penetration
  • Includes net trellis

Check Latest Price

Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0


  • Moon dust & flower nutrients for 2 years
  • 9 plants can be grown at a time
  • Vinyl finish and attractive exteriors
  • Lifetime warranty

Check latest price on Amazon


Grow Box and Grow Tent Organic Co2 Generator For Hydroponics


  • Includes organic CO2 generator solution
  • Compatible with all grow lights
  • Lifetime warranty & Support
  • 4 refills to offer 4x output

Check latest price on Amazon


Complete Hydroponic System DWC Grow Box and Lid ~ # 3-6 H2OtoGro


  • Customized reservoir & lid
  • 100% food grade materials used
  • Easy to assemble & plant
  • Water level indicator included


Check latest price on Amazon



Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box


  • 6 months of CO2 enhancing tablets included
  • Comprehensive text and phone support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Supports 6 plants grow at a single time

Check latest price on Amazon


Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box


  • 4 foot long supports 6 plants
  • 150 watt UFO LED lights
  • All-inclusive package
  • Carbon filtration and odor block filters

Check latest price on Amazon


10 of The Best Hydroponics Grow Boxes

General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

First, here are the nutrients you’ll need. A product from the house of General Organics, this box of nutes offers gardeners a 16 oz. bottle of BioThrive Grow along with Bloom fertilizers and more. (See our Top 10 Nutes & Fertilizers post for more options.)


  • Made of high grade materials
  • Great for organic weed growers
  • 8oz Samples of GO liquid supplement included


  • Bottles sealed with paper tops under the plastics that might spring a leak with time
  • Complicated to Use, especially for starters

Check latest price on Amazon


EMSCO Group Hydropickers Hydroponics Grow Box – Non-Electric

EMSCO Group Hydropickers Hydroponic Grow Box – Non-Electric

Hyrdorpicker Hydroponic Grow Box supports accelerated growth of plants without using soil. The growth nutrients are added to the water which is dispersed evenly across the plant roots. There is no need of electricity and it comes with a compact design measuring 24” x 20”.


  • Easy to use for average users, especially for starters
  • Accelerated growth and channelized dispersion to the roots
  • Compact & mobile unit that doesn’t need electricity
  • Detailed instructions to assemble and grow


  • Can get hot in summers
  • Average build quality

Check latest price on Amazon


Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Available in 2 foot and 3 foot options, this LED powered Hydroponics Grow Box supports growing of up to 6 plants. Made to suit all types of growers and backed by comprehensive email and tech support, this product is for hi-tech indoor planting.


  • Technically advanced product made from high quality materials
  • Easy to Use and even beginners can grow like pros
  • Strong Customer Support


  • Expensive
  • High Costs of maintenance

Check latest price on Amazon


Kush Cabinet 4 Foot Hydroponic Grow Box

Kush Cabinet 4 Foot Hydroponic Grow Box

A 4 foot tall Hydroponics Grow Box, it comes fitted with 100 watt XL sixed flower bulbs. There is a midway shelf that has been included which is meant to support easy plantation. The box comes detailed descriptions about everything that is needed to setup and start growing.


  • Has each and everything except for the seeds
  • Supports growth of bigger plants at cost effective rates
  • Aerogarden with a guaranteed money back guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Average Build quality

Check latest price on Amazon


Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

This is a fully automated hydroponic stealth grow cabinet that can grow as many as 9 plants at a time. It is illuminated using a 3 Watt LED that offers enough lighting needed for proper grow of the plants. It has a 12 band perfect spectrum that is powered by a 700 MA.


  • Great airflow and 100% Odor Filtration
  • Manage plants using internal net trellis
  • Includes everything including nutrients, Ph Kit, rockwool, tester, and hydroton rocks
  • Includes optical lenses for perfect canopy penetration


  • Very Expensive yet sophisticated system

Check Latest Price


Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0

Dealzer Grandma's Secret Garden 3.0

A perfect indoor gardening hydroponics grow box for growing over 9 plants at a time. It is attractive to look at and can be an ambience lifter for your bedroom or drawing area. It comes fitted with 6500k grow bulbs along with 2700k flowering bulbs.


  • Includes moon dust grow and flower nutrients for 2 years.
  • Extremely easy to setup and maintain
  • Supports growing of 9 plants at a go
  • Lifetime warranty and comprehensive tech support
  • Vinyl finish and made from strong materials


  • Sound produced by the fans can be irritating at times
  • Lacks a door knob

Check latest price on Amazon


Grow Box and Grow Tent Organic Co2 Generator For Hydroponics

Grow Box and Grow Tent Organic Co2 Generator For Hydroponics

This box is a 100% organic large CO2 generator kit installed with 4 refills, 4x output of a single can organic CO2 generator. One only needs to mix the provided solution and insert the generator inside the grow box, cabinet, or tent.


  • Detailed instructions with a free lifetime warranty & support
  • Includes growbro organic CO2 generator solution for 8 weeks
  • Includes Hydroponic growing accessories
  • Works with all kinds of grow lights


  • Average quality of materials used
  • Lid of the bucket can get loose with time and usage

Check latest price on Amazon


Complete Hydroponic System DWC Grow Box and Lid ~ # 3-6 H2OtoGro

REPLACEMENT DWC Hydroponic Grow Box and Lid

It is a customized reservoir and lid that measures 15.” X 10.3” x 7”. Designed in a manner that ensures light weight that roughly exceeds about 24 pounds. The system constantly offers nutrient rich water while the roots are suspended inside the reservoir that is located beneath the net pot.


  • Increases the growth rate of hydroponic plants by over 30 to 50% when compared to soil plants
  • Manufactured using 100% food grade customized reservoirs and lids
  • Includes water level indicators that help in maintaining proper water level
  • Perfect for seed starting or cloning


  • Average build quality
  • Too plain and basic appearance
  • Doesn’t include pumps

Check latest price on Amazon


Lowryder Hydroponics Grow Box

Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box

It is a large box that can be perfect for vegetative growing and cloning. Moreover, it is quite powerful when it comes to growing different kinds of plants at your house. There are the grown and flowering bulbs where each of them comes with 10,000 hour lifetime. At a time one can grow as many as to 6 different plants.


  • High quality finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Detailed instructions and text/phone support
  • Includes everything and nutrients needed for 6 months of growing
  • 6 months of CO2 enhancing tablets included


  • A touch expensive than average boxes
  • High on maintenance

Check latest price on Amazon


Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box

Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box

One of the most selling hydroponics grow boxes by Yield Machine Max, this 4 foot long LED powered hydroponics grow box supports growing of 6 plants at a time. A complete package that comes with virtually everything that is needed to start growing instantly. It is equipped with a 150 watt high powered low hear LED UFO grow lights.


  • Includes installed pumps, tubing, net pots, grow cubes, etc.
  • Features included are carbon filtration and odor block filters with light blocking snap down latches
  • Attractive design and can support growing in a very small area


  • Expensive for many
  • Can be high in terms of maintenance costs

Check latest price on Amazon



After reviewing the 10 best hydroponics grow boxes, we can conclude that these boxes are pretty efficient for growing your favourite plants at your home. Although, each of them come with their own benefits, if we had to pick one that meets the purpose with the best ability, then it has to be Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0. The box supports growing of 9 plants at a time and can be pretty easy to use and maintain.

If you prefer a grow tent, check out our grow tent reviews. There should be something for most grow spaces. We also have a post reviewing hydroponics systems. And finally, if you want to know all there is to know about growing hydroponically, Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite Marijuana should see you right.