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6 Best Ways to Pass a Drugs Test for Weed – And Help The Economy


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Even if weed is legal where you are, you still could be subject to unfair and invasive drug testing at work. Or when applying for a job. Not only that, but company drug testing may even be harming the U.S. economy. So here are the 6 best ways to pass a drugs test for weed, avoid being penalized for doing something that's perfectly legal and—yes, really— help the economy!

From special mouthwashes to fake urine kits, detox to B vitamins, some methods have proven effective when instructions are followed to the letter.

Read on to find out more...

Workplace Drug Testing for Weed

Despite the changes in law with regard to marijuana in the U.S., we still have a huge stumbling block:

Drug testing.

When you want to get a job you have to undergo a drug test, and your ability to pass the test will be the decisive factor in getting a good job, or in qualifying for government benefits.

Maybe you've already run into this problem before. Perhaps you've even found a great job before and not gone for it because you know you'll fail the drugs test?

Naturally you'd never get high on the job, but that's not what the test will say.

Because that's notoriously not how drug testing for weed works. The tests can't tell whether you get high inside or outside of work hours, or even exactly when you last got high. All they can tell is that there's some THC in your system.

And it's not just peaceful, law-abiding weed users that the imprecision of drugs tests is harming. It's even harming the American economy.

Companies are struggling to fill vacancies. Even though there's a qualified workforce available, too many people are failing the pre-employment drugs test. (Read on for links to the figures.)

How Corporate Drugs Testing is Harming the American Economy

The President has promised more jobs.

The thing of it is that they're already out there.

It's not that our U.S. workforce lacks the skills to work, nor is it that there aren't any jobs out there. In some areas, there are plenty, sometimes too many to fill.

But in the end companies have to subcontract from foreign countries to meet their production needs. Or just pass up on big orders to the benefit of foreign rivals.

Either way, the money leaves the economy.


Because too many people are failing drug tests. Or not even applying in the first place. In short...

Drug Testing is Draining the Labor Pool

According to the New York Times, in some areas of the U.S. nearly half of applicants are failing those company drug tests.

Yes, as the article points out, a big part of that is the national opioid epidemic (so big it has its own Wikipedia entry).

But not only are record numbers of job applicants failing pre-employment drug screening. The most rapid increase is in positive tests for marijuana. Even where it's legal, company testing has hardly been relaxed.

Worse still, drug testing can be inaccurate and easily misinterpreted.

A Sledgehammer to Crack a Nug

Cannabis nug

A variety of different types of drug tests are available to employers. These can include saliva, urine tests, blood drug tests, hair drug tests, breath alcohol tests. Of these, the most inexpensive and so the most used are the saliva and urine tests.

You only have to glance at this Emergency Medicine News article about marijuana test myths to see why this is a problem.

Current marijuana testing cannot reliably establish impairment. It cannot gauge recency of exposure. Passive ingestion may be enough to fail a test. Even adding hemp seed oil to your diet for a while can produce a positive test!

Plus it's possible to pass a urine test one week and fail the next simply because you're a bit dehydrated, even though you haven't smoked in between.

There are plenty of jobs where being high at work would be dangerous to all concerned. We're not disputing that. But smoking in the evening or at weekends doesn't mean you'd be dumb enough to get stoned at work.

Drug testing, alas, can't differentiate though, so everyone suffers.

Drugs Screening for Welfare Benefits

And it might not be just pre-employment drugs screening you'll have to pass either.

In some cases, your application and approval for welfare benefits also depends on a drug test.

For instance, Oklahoma now requires drug tests for people to get welfare benefits, and another 14 states have also passed legislation and require drug testing and screening. These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin and West Virginia—plus Florida passed a law too, but it has since been repealed.

Is marijuana use legal in some of those states, medically or otherwise? You betcha.

What Are the Most Common Types of Drug Tests for Detecting Weed?

Blood Test

The two most common types of test are the saliva tests and urine tests, although police departments hope to soon have a breathalyzer test.

(The latter, however, may actually prove to be a good thing.


Bear with us and we'll tell you in a moment.)

Saliva Tests

The saliva test is relatively new on the market and only used for the past 5 to 10 years. Employers tend to like it because it is less invasive and less expensive. The good news is that this is the easiest test to pass.

Note: The following are the different types of tests corporations and government agencies use. However, we must reiterate that the most common tests used by companies are the saliva and urine tests.

Urine Tests

This is the most common type of drug-testing method used because it is easily available and inexpensive. This type of test checks for the presence of weed (and other drugs) in the urine.

Hair Tests

Another, less frequently applied test is the hair test. This is a test that checks for illegal drug use, and it works by checking the hair strand for drug metabolites.

The problem with this test is that it can find traces long after a person takes the drug, sometimes as much as three months afterwards.

Blood Tests

Another more invasive and more definite type of drug test is the blood test. This provides more effective and true results of illegal drug or medication use.

However, blood testing is not routinely used to test for illegal drugs.

Is Drug Testing for Cannabis Fair?

Well, no. In many ways it's not.

You know as well as us that marijuana and weed does not cause brain or lung damage. In fact, it has important medical benefits and can help treat glaucoma, improve lung health, control epileptic seizures, and may even stop cancer from spreading.

And in numerous states it's penalizing legal behavior.

But government agencies are still debating.

The Future Looks Brighter

Marijuana Breathalyzer

Time will tell, of course, but there may be some good news on the horizon: The development of a new breathalyzer for police use is underway.

OK, yeah. I know. That sounds a lot like bad news. Yet another damned test.

But what's good news is this:

It's way more precise than current testing—it checks whether use has occurred in the last 2-3 hours, rather than just the last few months.

So if costs fall and it makes its way into drugs screening programs, perhaps eventually there'll be no more being penalized for smoking outside of work hours. Or having to abstain while looking for work. You'll be able to be a medical or recreational cannabis consumer without risking your livelihood.

Some forces are testing already. But it may take years for consensus to be reached on what level of THC in the breath is enough to prove impairment of driving (or working) ability.


How to Pass Drug Tests for Weed in The Meantime?


Securetec cannabis and methamphetamine drug test stick

Unfortunately, until better testing becomes mainstream, we need to deal with the current methods.

You need to know more about current popular testing methods to understand how to beat them.

Know the Facts About Drugs Testing

As you probably already know, everyone’s body reacts differently to marijuana use.

Main factors include when you last partook, the frequency you smoke or vape, the potency of the weed, your body fat, weight and metabolism.

If you are a regular user, marijuana can stay in your blood and urine as long as 90 days after usage.

On average though, most people in good health can usually get clean in 30-45 days.

If you smoked once over the weekend with a friend for example, pot can be out of your system in as little as two days. But for more frequent light users, the average rises to 10 to 30 days.

Most other drugs can stay in your system from a few days and up to a month in extreme cases. Unfortunately, marijuana lingers longer.

Are There Effective Ways to Pass Weed Tests?

It certainly looks like it. According to the The Frontier, Oklahoma has spent $2.2 million on mandatory drug testing in the last two years for applicants of Temporary Assistance to Needy Family funds, and only 2.8 percent of all applicants tested positive for drug use—any drugs whatsoever.

The actual rate of marijuana use alone in Oklahoma is around 6%. And more than 8% of the population apparently abuses painkillers.

So chances are, yeah, weed tests can be beaten.

What Ways Don't Work?

Many Mary Jane users often try to use the natural methods they hear about in hearsay. Because natural's good, right?

And depending on what you try, some may not work, while others do. It really depends on whether you try a proven method or just one of the half-baked ideas.

Here are some of the methods that don’t really work:

  • Home remedies — these include substituting real urine for things like bleach, niacin, vinegar, Goldenseal, yellow cranberry juice. These things do not work and can get you into trouble.
  • Dilution — diluting your real urine with any of the above things will not work either and the test will detect it.

How To Pass A Drugs Test for Weed

Here is a list of 6 ways you can pass a drugs test for marijuana:

  1. Refrain from use
  2. Accelerated detox program
  3. 24-hour detox products
  4. Water and vitamin B complex
  5. Synthetic urine (with or without dispensing device)
  6. Detox mouthwash (saliva tests only)

But before we go into detail, we do suggest that before you try any of these methods you first analyze the quantity of weed you use.

If you are a light user then you may be able to flush out the signs of THC, either by refraining from use, by detoxing your body or flushing it out with vitamin B and water.

The best way to know how well your body is getting rid of the THC in your blood is to get your own home test kit. You can easily pick up an affordable kit from Amazon.

Best Ways To Pass a Drugs Test for Weed

  1. Refrain from Use

If you've got a bit of notice, you can just stop using the marijuana.

However, you do need to know the length of time it will take to leave your bloodstream naturally. Everybody has different reactions to marijuana, and there are other influencing factors such as when you last smoked or vaped, how much you took in, the potency, your body fat and your metabolism.

Marijuana can stay in your blood for as long as 90 days. But people that are in good health can usually detox their bodies within about 45 days.

If you use marijuana quite frequently, it takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months after stopping, and the best way to measure your progress is to use an OTC drug test kit (see below). These offer a 99% accuracy reading in detecting marijuana in urine. You can use them to monitor your progress.

  1. A Good Detox Program

You can speed up your marijuana cleanse by using a detoxification program. A good detox kit can get your system free of THC in about a week.

Plus, these kits come with a testing kit that allows you to verify the results.

So this could give you enough time to pass the detox test of a future employer.

  1. A Quick 24-Hour Detox Product

You might also choose a 24-hour detox that begins working immediately. However, this option really only works for light to medium pot users.

If that's you, take one of these and it'll begins to work and mask the THC in your blood for 5 to 10 hours depending on the product.

Our choice Q Pretox is full of vitamins, and begins to detox your body the first day you start taking it.

  1. Water and B Complex

This method only works for very light users.

A couple of days before the test begin to flush out the THC with water and B complex. This strategy works by increasing your fluids and urine flow so there is a much lower concentration of THC in your blood and urine.

Start drinking a lot of water an hour or two before the test. Drink as much water as you can. Add two to three aspirins to the mix to reduce the sensitivity of the EMIT urine test.

And be sure to urinate in the morning when you get up as drug metabolites tend to increase during sleep.

While you are drinking the water, you also want to take between 50 to 100 milligrams of vitamin B-2 found in B-complex multivitamins.

Thorne Research's Basic B Complex offers active forms of vitamin B to enhance its availability to muscles and tissues.

  1. Synthetic Urine

Yes. There is such a thing as synthetic urine. And this is probably the best method to pass a urine test.

All you do is replace your own urine with a packet of the synthetic stuff and you are good to go.

Based on the information we've garnered, we've listed a few of the best synthetic urine products that work when you need to pass a drug test and don’t have a lot of time to prepare.

  • Monkey Dong. This is synthetic urine at its finest and comes at a higher cost than most other options. However, it is the kit to use if there's going to be a health or corporate attendant watching over your every move. This kit comes with a realistic urine device (it looks like you are really dispensing the urine). It delivers lab grade urine through a prosthetic penis that releases 3.5 ounces of pee. You can reuse it whenever you have another test, and the convenient heating strips allow you to quickly heat to the right temperature. Monkey Dong is top of the line when it comes to fake pee, offering a system that is virtually undetectable.

Monkey Dong drug test kit

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  • Quick Fix Plus. Why this brand? Well, each test will differ a little depending on the lab. Some labs look for the presence of uric acid, and QuickFix makes sure there is some in their synthetic urine kit. Note that pre-prepared urine can be the best way to pass the drug test. However, some people still fail because they do not follow the instructions fully.


Quick Fix synthetic urine kit

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  • The Peepack Kit. A kit that offers a one-time use, but that may be all you need. It comes with a medical grade dispensing apparatus that lets you dispense the contents while hiding the pack in your clothing. The kit comes with 3oz of medical grade urine that contains uric acid. It also comes with a dispenser and a heat strip to heat the urine to body temperature.

PeePack Sterile Urine kit

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  1. Mouthwash for Saliva Tests

As we mentioned before, if you are scheduled for a simple saliva test, then this is the easiest to pass, especially if you haven't used weed for about a week.

Just use a good detox mouthwash like Stinger.

If you are a very light Mary Jane user then this formula may work for you. It works instantly and gives you a 45-minute window of clean saliva, which should be long enough to pass the drug test.

The Bottom Line

We know, we know. If we lived in a perfect world, the legalization of Mary Jane, would have done away with these tests—but it hasn't.

So, we have to come up with interesting ways to work around the problem. And really, the best way to pass is to use a little extra help. Use a detox program, or swap your sample with a synthetic one, just be sure to use a product that offers you results.

And hey, if you get that job (or keep it), maybe you'll even help your country's bottom line too!

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