Cannabis plant

We are delighted to have partnered with Green Flower Nation who are offering Podcasts providing an insight into the world of Cannabis.

What It’s About

Green Flower Nation is a new podcast that explores the undeniable impact cannabis is having on our society. Host Max Simon, cannabis expert and founder of Green Flower, takes you on a fascinating journey to discover and discuss how this controversial plant is impacting health and wellness, business and investment, women and athletes, sex and relationships, and so much more.
Each episode will profile the many game-changing leaders and disruptive companies in the field today, explore the science, stories, and sagas of the industry, leaving you with a newly discovered appreciation of the wonders of cannabis and a desire to learn more.
You can listen, and learn new facts and discoveries here:-
We will be adding new items to this list as they are released so please bookmark this link and check back for new releases as they become available.

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